Media Monitoring for Nonprofits

Stay ahead of emerging issues, identify critical moments, and track the spread of misinformation with NewsWhip

Why nonprofits choose NewsWhip

NewsWhip is the only real-time media monitoring platform that predicts the stories and topics that will matter in the hours ahead, helping nonprofits keep on top of the most pressing societal and cultural issues.

Trusted by global leaders

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How nonprofits use NewsWhip

Crisis Monitoring

Always be one step ahead of an emerging crisis with NewsWhip Spike. Discover stories and posts across the web and social media in just 60 seconds. Get real-time insights into public and media interest, and accurately predict the size and impact of the emerging issue.

Share data from across multiple networks

AI-powered real-time visualizations

Multiple dashboards with key sources

Quality insights

NewsWhip helps nonprofits gather insights on ongoing societal issues from anywhere. With our platform, you can uncover real-world insights into stories that the public and media are engaging with the most.


Stay informed with real-time and predictive alerts

Prioritize stories based on public engagement data

Quantify stories and trends

Misinformation monitoring and research

Monitor multiple networks in real time, prioritize fact-checking efforts based on engagement levels, and assess the impact of misinformation with historical data starting in 2014.

Track the spread of misinformation across multiple networks
Historical performance data from 2014

Analyze any individual story’s impact based on public engagement data

We’ve got you covered

With NewsWhip you can monitor web articles from anywhere in the world as soon as they are published, and assess their level of engagement. This combined with our key social media partnerships enables you to track content in real time and deliver unrivaled post engagement metrics. Our coverage covers 225 countries and over 113 languages

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Real-time insights on LinkedIn trends and top-performing content

Instagram icon


Global coverage of content from creator & business accounts

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Real-time discovery and measurement of Facebook posts

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Track and analyze video titles from YouTube channels in real time

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Real-time feeds of tweets from the most influential Twitter accounts


Track every post and comment from Reddit’s communities

Features our nonprofit customers love


Up-to-the-minute data that gives you predicted levels of public engagement with every story.

Interest quadrant

Real-time map of the people and companies involved in any story.


Build an alert system that keeps your comms team informed on breaking news and trending content in real time.


Visual graphs of the public and media interest in any crisis, event, or trend.

Research dashboard illustration


Automated insights into two aspects of coverage: change in interest and peak detection.

Illustration of Customer Support on Spike

Historical data

Benchmark against similar moments in time or research past events using more than five years of historical data.

How Valent Projects used NewsWhip to fight against disinformation

Customer Stories

Photograph of US dollars


Battle misinformation with real-time media monitoring


Valent Projects is developing a new tool to fight disinformation

World Cup Case Study - PR Daily


How NewsGuard monitors 8,000 websites to combat misinformation

Latest update

AI Digest

NewsWhip's AI Digest combines the dependability of our trusted data with the speed of GPT insights. It's about amplifying your capabilities – giving you immediate context on broad coverage. You get a fast-lane to understanding without compromising on the depth of insights.

Book a chat with us now

Book a call directly with one of our experienced team members who would be happy to chat with you today about how best to unlock the power of NewsWhip. First we just need some information so we can assign the most appropriate team member.

On the call we’ll explore:

How data and media monitoring currently supports your work

The challenges you face in your day-to-day work

How NewsWhip supports global nonprofits in their operations

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