Data for Democracy

Our program for fact-checkers and researchers combating misinformation

What is NewsWhip’s Data for Democracy program?

The Data for Democracy program is designed to support projects run by researchers and fact checkers by giving them discounted access to NewsWhip’s tools. The goal of this initiative is twofold — to help combat misinformation and disinformation, and to encourage improved public understanding of social content engagement.

Examples of some of the projects we have supported can be found in the timeline below.

Misinformation partnerships timeline

April 2017

French election

Worked with the CrossCheck project on fact-checking the French election between Macron and Le Pen
January 2018

Iffy Quotient

Began working with the University of Michigan to track the proportion of potential misinformation that was being shared on social platforms
March 2018

Oxford EU elections

Worked with the Computational Propaganda Project in Oxford to research misinformation in the European elections
August 2018

Provenance project

Participated in the EU-funded Provenance project to protect consumers of news and political information, and also for content creators who want to secure their content against manipulation or unauthorised use
September 2018

Brazilian elections

Partnered with the Comprova project in Brazil alongside First Draft to identify misinformation during the Brazilian election
November 2018

Guatemalan elections

Opened access to the Confirmado project in Guatemala around the local elections in the country to identify and debunk false narratives
March 2020

NewsWhip launches Data for Democracy

We launched our Data for Democracy initiatives, in which we invited universities and NGOs to apply for access with misinformation use cases
September 2020


Expanded our South American work to include Spanish-speaking countries by giving access to Chequeado, an Argentinian project working on misinformation and disinformation in the region
November 2020

US Elections

Provided data to a number of journalists working on fact checking around the American election results
January 2022

Stanford University project

Opened access for researchers at Stanford trying to understand the economic motivation for creating and sharing misinformation
March 2022

Ukraine fact-checking

Opened up access for local journalists and fact-checkers working to combat misinformation and disinformation in Ukraine, including StopFake, EFE Verifica, and more
March 2022

EDMO project launches

March 2022 saw the launch of EDMO, a new hub aimed at strengthening the detection and analysis of disinformation campaigns in Ireland, improving public awareness, and designing effective responses

How organizations are using NewsWhip to track misinformation


Confirmado Guatemala

The Confirmado project, in Guatemala, run by journalist Luis Assado, began using NewsWhip to identify fake news and misleading information that is spreading at a high pace and then use that information to prioritize what to debunk, during the Guatemalan elections in 2019.


Facebook Fact-Checking

NewsWhip supports a number of news organizations that are participants in Facebook’s fact-checking program. These news organizations can predictively identify which stories should be debunked, and in turn should be downgraded by Facebook in its news feed.


Standing with Ukraine against Disinformation

The day after the invasion began, we opened up free access to NewsWhip technology under our Data for Democracy program for all fact checkers targeting Russian disinformation, journalists working the disinformation beat, and researchers trying to understand it. 

“NewsWhip Spike was probably the most useful tool to help us out in what we were doing. We always had this tension between ‘putting fuel on the fire’ or the question of ‘are we too late,’ and the story has travelled halfway around the world already. That was really where Spike came into its own.”

Sam Dubberly,
Project Manager,

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