Reddit Monitoring

Get early signals from in-depth conversations

Monitor what’s being posted & discussed by expert users from over 100,000 subreddit communities

Reddit Monitoring is available on NewsWhip Spike

NewsWhip Spike is the only real-time media monitoring platform that comms teams use to predict the stories and topics that will matter in the hours ahead.

How comms teams are using Reddit Monitoring

Brand monitoring

Dive into conversations as they happen & understand what the public is saying about your brand from multiple subreddits

Opportunity spotting

Surface content relevant to the topics you monitor and see how popular it’s becoming so you can join the conversation

Content ideation

Discover emerging content as it appears on Reddit and incorporate it in your content strategy early

Article details view in Spike

Breaking trends

Memes and trends often appear on Reddit before making it to other networks, and you can spot them early with NewsWhip Spike

Local discussions

Discover the honest and open discussion between local users that thrives in the conversational structure of Reddit

Public perception

Reddit brings another layer of engagement and context to the online conversation that doesn’t happen on other networks

How Reddit monitoring works in NewsWhip Spike

Discover content in as little as 60 seconds

NewsWhip Spike discovers new content within 60 seconds of when it’s posted so you’re never late to important content.

Measure engagement with every post and comment in real-time

Get regular measurement of votes on posts and comments so you can identify what is resonating with Redditors.

Find specific content using Boolean search

Search for your keywords in the title, text, or comments of any post with Boolean operators, plus limit your search to exclude comments.

Graph of Boolean keywords in NewsWhip Spike

Sort and filter posts to surface what matters to you

Reddit posts can be sorted by Most Recent, Vote Score, or Comments. You can also filter your feed to text, image, video, link, or tweet posts.

A closer look at Reddit Monitoring

Add to any dashboard

Available on every dashboard in NewsWhip Spike

The Reddit feed can be added to any dashboard so you can view it alongside content feeds like web articles, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Adapts to your needs

Use a compact view or expand your feed for insightful visuals

Keep your Reddit feed in a compact view to maximize content feeds in your dashboard, or expand it to display inline engagement graphs.

Share Reddit content easily

Bring important post details and engagement metrics to stakeholders

Share post details and engagement metrics quickly with copy to clipboard, or export lists of posts with their engagement data to Excel, PDF, and JSON.

Understand what truly matters


Bring public interest and media interest together to fully understand the size of any story, or trend.


Uncover the highly engaged authors, websites, and communities that can deliver your message where it’s heard.

Graph with article plotting on crisis timeline

Content Feeds

Feeds of articles and posts from across the web and social media, sortable by level of engagement or virality.


Bring real-time media monitoring to your comms team

Learn how NewsWhip can help you take advantage of real-time media monitoring with a 15-minute call

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