NewsWhip for Brand Monitoring

NewsWhip provides the real-time and long-term engagement data brands need to grow audiences and effectively spread their message across social and the web.
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NewsWhip Spike for Brand Monitoring

Spike is the most real-time view of the sites, stories and posts engaging your audience.

Media monitoring goes predictive

Predict whether breaking stories about your brand are going to be important today. See how the media and public are talking about you, and which of those stories will make a splash or fall flat. Understand cultural moments and trends close to your brand as they unfold.

Never miss an important mention

See all of the events, topics and mentions relevant to you, and how interest in them is changing in real time. Get a central view of what’s most important overall, and what’s most important for your brand today — on every platform, in every niche.

Jump into today's important conversations

Engage with your audience around the core themes and stories that are catching their attention today. Build deeper relationships with fans and influencers on each social platform.
“On a regular basis we look to Spike to better understand the velocity and relevance of certain news stories to answer questions such as: Who’s driving them? Should we get in or stay out of a conversation?”
“Spike has dramatically enhanced my ability to react and respond to press coverage — which is paramount to my role. The knowledge that there's no press slipping through the cracks is a huge relief.”

NewsWhip Analytics for Brands

Analytics is the world’s most complete set of stories tracked against every social network.

Effective strategy for every niche

Know what stories niche audiences will engage with. See the publishers owning coverage, the formats driving the most engagement, and the accounts influencing audiences.

Control over campaign success

Look at past trends to predict the next big one. Use concrete data on what’s proven to work with your target audience historically, in your vertical, to package stories for each platform.

Stop guessing, start knowing

Understand what your audience is interested in, directly from their own social and sharing habits. See how readers think and feel about your brand with panoramic data on how they react to content across social.
“NewsWhip Analytics is a magic bullet for media strategy. All of those disparate dots between trends in coverage, conversation, and sharing are now seamlessly connected.”
“In other tools we’ve tried from a domain standpoint, nothing else compares.”

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