Real-time and predictive media monitoring for brands

Keep your brand ahead of the competition by predicting the next big story

Why brands choose Newswhip

Newswhip is the only predictive media monitoring platform that gives comms teams the power to get ahead of a crisis, deliver actionable insights, and predict brand opportunities all in real time.

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Real-time data to real-time insights

Speed to insights

Crisis Management

Always be one step ahead of an emerging brand crisis with NewsWhip Spike. Discover stories and posts across the web and social media in just 60 seconds. Get real-time insights into public and media engagement, and accurately predict the size and impact of the emerging crisis on your brand in the hours to come.

Real-time and predictive alerts

Share data from across multiple networks

AI-powered real-time visualizations


Actionable Insights

NewsWhip offers real-time web and social monitoring for your chosen topics, including ESG, DEI, competitor performance, and consumer insights. With our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly access tangible real-world data, convert it into actionable insights, and generate reports with just a few clicks.


Track ongoing and emerging trends

Quantify the stories and trends that matter

Prioritize stories based on public engagement data


Comms Strategy Development

NewsWhip supports your communications strategy from start to finish. Discover real-time trends and opportunities with our alerts, leverage historical data for performance benchmarking, and pinpoint influential voices, journalists, and publications for your strategy.

Real-time and predictive alerts

Historical performance data from 2014

Multiple dashboards with key sources

Real-time insights on activations

“NewsWhip was a great addition with real-time stories and insights across a variety of topics informing content, activations, brand strategies, and on-property pull-through.”

Aynat Ravin

Head of M Live, Marriott

Nurture your audience connection

“In the job of PR, we need to build strong relationships. Sometimes that involves tough conversations… we use NewsWhip to educate and enlighten our team to engage in that meaningful dialogue [to set our brand apart].”

Cameron Batten

SVP and CCO for VW Group, Volkswagen

Track your brand’s performance

“It’s incredibly reassuring to be able to go to tools like NewsWhip and to be able to confirm that what we’re seeing is how it’s being seen.”

Profile photo of Kate LaVail

Kate LaVail

Senior Director of Performance & Intelligence, McDonald's

Quantify your efforts

“I feel very confident that being able to quantify it, using tools we had and showing the team how big this really was and how much it was over indexing against an average or a norm, I think just it clicked, it immediately clicked.”

Michael Young

Global Insights Manager, Ford

Features Brands Love


Up-to-the-minute data that gives you predicted levels of public engagement for every story.

Interest quadrant

Real-time map of the personalities and brands involved in any story.


Build an alert system that keeps your comms team informed on breaking news and trending content in real time.

Facebook data

NewsWhip has unparalleled Facebook data giving you real time feeds of Facebook posts with up to the minute and predicted engagement data.

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Real-time Reddit Monitoring

Monitor what’s being posted & discussed by expert users from over 100,000 subreddit communities.

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Historical data

Build successful data-driven strategies with up to nine years of historical data.

Latest update

AI Digest

NewsWhip's AI Digest combines the dependability of our trusted data with the speed of GPT insights. It's about amplifying your capabilities – giving you immediate context on broad coverage. You get a fast-lane to understanding without compromising on the depth of insights.

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NewsWhip in action

Ford case study

Learn how Ford’s Global Insights team used NewsWhip Spike to make a real impact to the Texas community during the Texas Winter Blizzard of 2021


Walgreens boycott

Earlier this year, #BoycottWalgreens trended on Twitter after stories surfaced about customers being denied birth control by pharmacists. We predicted how far the story might grow before it became a mainstream story.


Apple security issue

This year, Apple warned of a security flaw that is allowing hackers to seize control of its devices. We predicted the high impact this story would have and where the top reporting was going to come from.

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How data and media monitoring currently supports your work
The challenges you face in your day-to-day work
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