NewsWhip API

Turbocharge your newsrooms and comms with the NewsWhip API

NewsWhip tracks hundreds of thousands of websites and social accounts in real time – discovering new articles and posts within minutes of publication. The NewsWhip API is used by brands, agencies, and publishers around the world to power custom dashboards, newsrooms, apps, widgets, and newsletters. It gives users access to unique data that they can customize to their exact needs, layering it on top of their own data or other third-party sources.

What you get from the API

Real-time web & social engagement data

The NewsWhip API gives you pull up to the minute content and its engagement data.

A fully documented API that integrates easily

The NewsWhip API comes fully documented so it’s easy to integrate with third party data.

Access to historical data since 2014

On top of real-time data, you can pull historical content and engagement into your reports.

How comms teams use the NewsWhip API


Integrate engagement data with multiple sources for 360° data views

Real-time content engagement data can be blended with third party data sources to build a complete picture of your brand’s comms performance.

NewsWhip Analytics Pinterst Leaderboard
NewsWhip Analytics Pinterst Leaderboard


Build your own real-time dashboards & reports for multiple stakeholders

Bring up to the minute engagement data side by side with owned media and earned media reports and dashboards to create informative reporting solutions.

NewsWhip Analytics Pinterst Leaderboard


Expand your own applications with real-time content discovery

Find the content that’s relevant to your app users based on topics, location, plus more filtering options, and create applications that deliver more value thanks to real-time content and engagement data.

NewsWhip Analytics Pinterst Leaderboard

NewsWhip Developer Hub

Use the power of NewsWhip data to create and customize your own solutions, perfectly suited to your company’s goals.

Get ahead with the NewsWhip API 

Discover breaking trends

Be the first to identify breaking stories that’s relevant to your users based on topics, location, language and more.

Measure earned media

Pull engagement data for your mentions as well as specific URL’s so you can aggregate
engagement in real time.

Follow owned channels

Track output and engagement for your owned channels in custom reports or dashboards. 

Monitor public interest

Track how engagement changes with any topic or trend in real time.

Track influential authors

Monitor what influential authors are publishing or posting on social media in real time.

Monitor publisher output

Build real-time feeds of content from domains that matter to your brand or industry.

How the NewsWhip API works

NewsWhip tracks content and engagement in real-time

Our platform dicovers new web articles, Facebook posts, Instagram Posts, and YouTube videos within 90 seconds of publication.

You can access that data to meet your reporting needs

Once content is discovered, NewsWhip measures public engagement with web articles on Facebook & Twitter and makes it available through multiple API endpoints.

Examples of data available through the API

Discover articles & posts mentioning specific keywords

Find articles and social posts as they’re published in real time, and continuosuly measure their engagement data across Facebook and Twitter.

Aggregate engagement data for multiple topics

Pull real-time engagement data for broad topics, and filter that data by publisher, domain, language, author, category, or country.

Find the entities that are trending across the globe

Pull lists of the locations, people, organisations, and terms that appear in relevant articles from specific countries, publishers, categories, and more.

Find the pages that are influencing article engagement

Pull real-time lists of Facebook pages in specific countries, categories, languages, and more that are driving engagement for articles matching your criteria.

Pull real-time public engagement for specific URLs

Input a list of URLs that matter to you, and return real-time levels of public engagement data for every article you want to monitor.

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Other features we think you’ll love

Research dashboard illustration


Give your entire team access to real-time data in pre-built dashboards with NewsWhip Spike


Keep your team informed on breaking news and trending content in real-time


Predict public engagement so you know what to pay attention to.

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