NewsWhip Spike

Predictive Media Insights for Comms Teams

Quantify and forecast the impact of any news story or social post with NewsWhip Spike.


What comms teams do with NewsWhip Spike

Media monitoring

Crisis management

Research & strategy


Track media output & measure its importance

Monitor web articles from anywhere in the world as they are published, and understand how much engagement they are getting using our key metrics.

New articles found within minutes of publication

Coverage for every country & language

Search filters that let you cut out the noise

Total interactions

Understand any article’s total level of engagement across Facebook & Twitter

Predicted interactions

Validate the potential risk & opportunity level for every article in real time.


Find articles with higher engagement than expected for any publisher

Highest velocity

Find the articles with the fastest growing public engagement


Monitor real-time feeds of social media content

Key social media partnerships allow NewsWhip to track content in real time and deliver unrivalled post engagement metrics.

New posts appear within minutes of posting

Comprehensive sorting and filtering options

Visualize the engagement trajectory of posts

Facebook logo fact checkin


Real-time discovery and measurement of Facebook posts


Track every post & comment from Reddit’s communities

Twitter icon


Real-time feeds of tweets from the most influential Twitter accounts

Instagram icon


Global coverage of content from creator & business accounts

Youtube icon


Track and analyze video titles from YouTube channels in real time

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LinkedIn Beta

Real-time insights on LinkedIn trends and top-performing content

“The great feature of NewsWhip is you can set to the most recent, not the predicted impact or the other categories, but if you set to most recent even before engagement has started, what you’re seeing is a steady flow of, “Hey, this is coming in.”
Christopher Rivera,
Director of Reputation and Risk,

Features that give you insight into what matters


Bring public interest and media interest together for a full understanding of any crisis, event, or trend.


Uncover the highly engaged authors, websites, and communities that can deliver your message where it’s heard.

Real-time alerts

Real-time predictive alerts that keep you informed on the stories that matter when you’re not actively monitoring.

Informative metrics

Metrics that tell you what matters right now and into the future, along with the standout articles on every topic.

Unlimited search

Our easy-to-use Boolean search has no usage limits, so your team aren’t punished for proactive media monitoring.

Shareable data

Integrate real-time & predictive data into your workflow with PowerPoint integrations, visual exports, and easy alerts sharing.

Ready to discover your own insights?

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Bring an edge to your comms strategy


Make confident decisions

The combination of Timeline and real-time content feeds in dashboards helps you understand the size & trajectory of any topic, and track engagement with every article & story, so you can decide what matters.

PredictiVE DATA

Stay ahead of the story

NewsWhip Spike calculates current & predicted levels of public engagement with articles & posts in real time, so you can identify how popular a story is right now, and up to 24 hours into the future.

Real-TIME and Predictive Alerts

Save time by focusing on what matters

Receive alerts for new articles or posts from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, or trigger them only when they meet certain levels of current or predicted public interest.

Real-time insights on activations

“NewsWhip was a great addition with real-time stories and insights across a variety of topics informing content, activations, brand strategies, and on-property pull-through.”

Aynat Ravin,
Head of M Live,


Take your comms insights from hindsight to foresight

Learn how NewsWhip can help you be more proactive in your comms strategy and keep key stakeholders informed every step of the way