Twitter Monitoring

Find the Twitter content that matters

Real-time Twitter content discovery and ongoing engagement data helps you focus on what matters for your brand

Twitter Monitoring is available on NewsWhip Spike

NewsWhip Spike is the only real-time media monitoring platform that comms teams use to predict the stories and topics that will matter in the hours ahead.

How comms teams use Twitter monitoring

Brand monitoring

Find the Tweets that mention your brand and assess real-time engagement levels so you know what matters and what doesn’t

Opportunity spotting

Surface Tweets relevant to the topics you monitor and see how popular they are so you can join the conversations the public care about

Crisis management

Get early signals with real-time discovery of negative Tweets about your brand and assess their importance with real-time engagement data

Track misinformation

Track known misinformation Twitter accounts, and track mentions of known misinformation terms across Twitter

Breaking trends

Measure engagement with the latest Tweets to find what’s going viral so your brand can be part of every breaking trend

Public reaction

Find the Tweets that mention your brand or the topics that impact your brand and explore the online conversation to assess public opinion

How Twitter monitoring works in NewsWhip Spike

Discover Tweets from influential accounts within minutes of posting

NewsWhip Spike discovers Tweets within 60 seconds from when it’s posted so you’re never late to important Tweets.

Measure engagement with every Tweet

Get ongoing measurement of likes and retweets for Tweets that are discovered by NewsWhip Spike.

Find specific content using Boolean search

Search for your keywords in the text of any Tweet with Boolean operators, or search for Tweets that share specific URLs.

Sort and filter posts to surface what matters to you

Tweets can be sorted by Most Recent, Total Interactions, Likes, or Retweets. You can also filter your feed to video tweets, link tweets, image tweets, or text only tweets.

A closer look at Twitter Monitoring

Add to any dashboard

Available on every dashboard in NewsWhip Spike

The Twitter feed can be added to any dashboard so you can view it alongside content feeds like web articles, Facebook, Reddit, and more.

Adapts to your needs

Use a compact view or expand your feed for insightful visuals

Keep your Twitter feed in a compact view to maximize content feeds in your dashboard, or expand it to display inline engagement graphs.

Share Twitter content easily

Bring important Tweet details and engagement metrics to stakeholders

Share Tweet details and engagement metrics quickly with copy to clipboard, or export lists of Tweets with their engagement data to Excel, PDF, and JSON.

More ways to get insights on social content

Reddit monitoring

Monitor what’s happening across over 100,000 subreddits in real time

Real-time alerts

Receive real-time alerts for newly published social content by email or Slack


Bring public interest and media interest together in a single view


Take your comms insights from hindsight to foresight

Learn how NewsWhip can help you be more proactive in your comms strategy and keep key stakeholders informed every step of the way