Misinformation monitoring and research

Track, predict, and understand the impact of misinformation across the web and social media.


Misinformation can spread across multiple platforms in seconds, and it’s almost impossible for researchers and fact-checkers to keep up, let alone predict the trajectory of a story.


With NewsWhip’s up-to-the-minute, cross platform engagement data and predictive analytics, fact-checkers can not only tell what stories are spreading, but also how big they will become.

Real-time data to combat misinformation

Monitor multiple networks

Discover what narratives are resonating with the public in real time with an easy-to-use dashboard that shows all the key networks at once.

Prioritize fact checking efforts

Engagement levels help you identify misinformation narratives that the public are showing interest in, helping you prioritize your efforts.

Assess misinformation impact

Look back at historical data to do a full analysis of how misinformation impacted conversation around any topic or narrative since 2014.

React early and respond proportionately


Be ready to react to misinformation

Use pre-built searches and dashboards to monitor specific narratives as they develop and grow

Set up alerts for emerging stories
Monitor in real time & react appropriately
Generate media lists for your fact checks


Real-time feeds help you monitor misinformation across networks

Keep track of how misinformation is spreading across the web and social media using cross-network monitoring

See how misinformation moves between platforms
Track misinformation across the web Facebook, Twitter, and more
Monitor the evolution of narratives as they progress in real time


Research how misinformation spreads and who influences it

Use historical data to analyze a specific instance of misinformation, or for research projects on the impact of misinformation

Assess the size and impact using historical data
Explore what drove and influenced it
Report on the events with in-depth data

Features that matter when tackling misinformation


Monitor any misinformation narrative for quantitative changes in media output and public interest or engagement with those narratives.


Build an alert system that keeps your comms team informed on breaking news and trending content in real time


A unique NewsWhip metric that tells you the speed at which a new story is spreading across social media, so you can identify breaking narratives and act early.

Data for Democracy programme

The Data for Democracy (DfD) program is designed to support projects run by researchers and fact checkers by giving them discounted access to NewsWhip’s tools. The goal of this initiative is twofold — to help combat misinformation and disinformation in online spaces, and to encourage improved public understanding of social content engagement.

University of Michigan - Iffy Quotient

University of Michigan: Iffy Quotient

The University of Michigan School of Information and its Center for Social Media Responsibility use NewsWhip’s media and public interaction data to rank the most popular URLs to support their research into what they call the ‘Iffy Quotient’.

The Iffy Quotient is the fraction of popular URLs that come from ‘iffy’ sites, a whimsical way of referring to sites that often carry misinformation. The team was looking for health metrics that they could measure from the outside, without needing to have data provided by the platforms.

This created an invaluable resource to show just how much information that was untrustworthy in some way was floating around the web.

“NewsWhip Spike was probably the most useful tool to help us out in what we were doing. We always had this tension between ‘putting fuel on the fire’ or the question of ‘are we too late,’ and the story has travelled halfway around the world already. That was really where Spike came into its own.”
Sam Dubberly,
Project Manager,

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Learn from our experts

Speak to a member of our team to find out how you can use NewsWhip to track, predict, and understand the impact of misinformation across the web and social media.

During the chat, you’ll learn about our unique product features such as:

Real-time engagement social data
Our predictive analytics
Real-time and predictive alerts
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