NewsWhip Analytics

Understand how the public engage with any topic

Analyze and report on over six years of public engagement data across the web and social media

Why choose NewsWhip Analytics

Over 9 years of data

Analyze web & social public engagement data since 2014

Global Content

Filter web & social content by country, language, & more

Visual & Insightful

Track long term engagement trends for any campaign

What NewsWhip Analytics is for


Track public engagement with any topic for timeframes over 90 days

Go beyond real-time media monitoring on NewsWhip Spike with long term historical engagement analysis on NewsWhip Analytics.

NewsWhip Analytics Pinterst Leaderboard
NewsWhip Analytics Pinterst Leaderboard


Analyze seasonal engagement & historical campaign performance

Easily analyze data sets spanning more than 90 days to understand seasonal content trends, find content ideas, and benchmark campaign performance.

NewsWhip Analytics Pinterst Leaderboard
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How NewsWhip Analytics works

Web & Social data is collected in real time

NewsWhip discovers web & social content in real-time and continuously measures public engagement with that content for NewsWhip Spike.

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That data is stored in NewsWhip Analytics

Since 2014, all of that web & social data has been stored and made available for long term analysis in NewsWhip Analytics.

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You can explore that data over longer timeframes

NewsWhip Analytics gives you the ability to explore data for timeframes greater than 90 days at a time, where Spike focuses on <90 day periods.


Analytics report engagement summary

You can visualize that data and export it for reports

Dive into the content, filter it by content type and more, and visualize it using graphs of engagement data with multiple format export options.

Analytics can show trends and interactions in articles

Features that give you insight into what matters

NewsWhip API

Real-time and historical content and engagement data can be accessed using the NewsWhip API.


Uncover the highly engaged authors, websites, and communities that can deliver your message where it will be heard.

Research dashboard illustration

Research dashboard

Explore content and engagement data across 90 day timeframes to understand and compare media & public engagement.


Take your comms insights from hindsight to foresight

Learn how NewsWhip can help you be more proactive in your comms strategy and keep key stakeholders informed every step of the way