Social Media Analytics for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the web.

The most powerful content analytics tool for understanding how audiences engage with content, with four years of performance data across web and social platforms.

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Deeper Competitive Intelligence

Measure performance of publishers and stories across every platform, location, topic and time frame.

Cross-Platform Trends

See wide engagement trends across multiple social networks, for any vertical or market.

Successful Social Distribution

Know which stories and narratives resonate most on each platform and for every format.

Measurable ROI

Understand which formats generate the most engagement on each platform.

Outperform the competition

Identify your strengths and weaknesses against competitors, on both dedicated sites and social networks. Analytics enables you to monitor historical performance and identifies the stories and posts that have fueled engagement for others.

 “NewsWhip Analytics helps give us numbers in context to the web at large, which is the most useful information you can give a writer or editor.”

Social Media Analytics
Facebook Analytics

Maximize your impact

Uncover the themes, formats and narratives working on each platform. Analytics tracks seasonal and topical engagement trends so you can optimize your content strategy. Utilize the ROI analysis to monitor engagement performance for each format and topic across all platforms.

 “NewsWhip Analytics is a magic bullet for media strategy. All those disparate dots between trends in coverage, conversation and sharing are now seamlessly connected.”

Break through the noise

Know who is driving the conversation and can help you amplify your message. Analytics pinpoints who has fueled every story’s reach and spread. Leaderboards show you the most influential publishers, authors, and social accounts for every topic and vertical.

 “No other service provides the kind of analysis into news article viral-ness, with a focus on publications and authors.”

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