Media Monitoring Use Case

Real-time media monitoring

Discover new articles & posts within 60 seconds, and use real-time public engagement data to predict their importance


Traditional media monitoring tools are too slow to tell you what’s been written, while consumers are reading and reacting to news quicker than ever before.


Discover new articles & posts in real time, and measure public engagement with that content, so you can save time by reacting only to what matters.

Real-time media monitoring when you need it most

Monitor and track the media in real time

New articles & posts are discovered in real time so you’re never late to a story.

Detect and predict brand opportunities

NewsWhip’s prediction helps you identify emerging stories & predict cultural trends.

React when and where it matters

Collaborate with stakeholders using real-time data to decide how and where to react.

Never miss a brand opportunity


Monitor and predict public engagement with any story in real time

With new articles and posts discovered in as little as 60 seconds, NewsWhip Spike keeps you on top of emerging stories, and prediction tells you which ones will matter.

Track earned and owned media

Review ongoing and emerging trends

Quantify which stories and trends matter


Detect brand opportunities and quantify them with real-time public interaction data

Use predictive data, alerts, and metrics like Highest Velocity to find the stories that are spreading online, and will matter to your brand in the next 24 hours.

Discover breaking stories

Predict the impact of trending topics

Find content and newsjacking opportunities


Collaborate with your team to decide what to say and where to say it

Use real-time content feeds to assess the public conversation, and leaderboards to find the right authors and websites for delivering your message

Share data and insights with stakeholders

Craft the perfect comms plan

Find the best place to land your message

Features that matter when monitoring

Monitoring Dashboard

View content from across the web and social media together in one view and understand whether it will matter to you.

Predictive Data

See predicted interaction data for every article gets so you can quickly decide which articles will matter to you.


Bring public interest and media interest together to fully understand the size of any story, or trend.

Predictive Alerts

Real-time predictive alerts that keep you informed on the stories that matter when you’re not actively monitoring.


Highlights automatically surface the most important information in your dashboards.


Top People & Brands

Our AI powered visualizations give you a new way to identify the key players dominating online conversations.

Understand the data that matters

“We are really using tools like NewsWhip to monitor how big is the conversation? What does interest look like? What is the tonality and the sentiment, and tuning into that to make sure we are being appropriate with, when, and what we post.”

Lauren Powell
Analytics & Social Listening Lead, Creators League Studio,


Ready for real-time opportunity detection?

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