NewsWhip Spike

Predict trends and performance from billions of sites, stories, and posts across the web and social.

Real-time social media monitoring for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and the web.

Predictive Alerts

Get alerted to the news that is important to you with NewsWhip’s real-time Predictive Alerts. The fully customizable, unlimited alerts reveal how stories are predicted to perform, ensuring you join the conversation at the right time.  

graphic of Dashboard in Spike

Real-time Dashboards

Keep track of news, social posts, videos, trends, and more. Displayed in a single screen, there are no limitations on how many Dashboards you can create or how you organize them.

graphic of Dashboard in Spike

Customizable Reports

Create a custom analysis of what’s trending across any topic, keyword, or region, or pull a report on a specific set of websites and social accounts.

NewsWhip Spike

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