Real-time and predictive media monitoring for PR and Comms

Predict the impact of a client crisis and identify the next big consumer trend

Why PR and Comms Agencies choose Newswhip

NewsWhip’s real-time data and predictive analytics make our agency partners the first to inform and advise a client of any emerging crisis that could threaten their brand, or to spot new content and story ideas to boost their reputation.

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Value delivery

Speed to insights

Crisis Management

Guide your clients through any crisis by using NewsWhip Spike to discover stories and social posts in 60 seconds, get real-time insights into the public’s reaction and media coverage, and provide accurate predictions of the size and impact of the emerging crisis.

Real-time and predictive alerts

Data from across multiple networks

AI-powered real-time visualizations


Earned Media Strategy

Amplify your earned media capabilities with our cutting-edge insights features. Utilize our interest quadrant to uncover emerging stories, track growing trends, and identify white space. Gain a fresh perspective on the intersection of media and public interest and refine your earned media strategy for success.


AI-powered data visualizations

Monitor ongoing and emerging trends in real time

Uncover leading people and brands in any topic

Audience Insights

Media Relations

Discover the writers, influencers, and topics driving a conversation, and measure their impact. Leverage up to nine years of data to optimize your messaging. Gain insights into audience preferences and emerging trends, and create targeted and impactful content that matches with your clients’ goals.

Historical performance data from 2014

Real-time and predictive alerts

Multiple dashboards with key sources

Quality Results

Actionable Insights

NewsWhip offers real-time web and social monitoring for your chosen topics, including ESG, DEI, competitor performance, and consumer insights. With our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly access tangible real-world data, convert it into actionable insights, and generate reports with just a few clicks.


Track ongoing and emerging trends

Quantify the stories and trends that matter

Prioritize stories based on public engagement data

Identify the top people and brands in any topics

“NewsWhip’s Interest Quadrant is a GPS for how to navigate complex public issues and a map for brands to compare themselves against their peers – and their aspirational peers.”

Zach Silber

Head of insights and analytics, Subject Matter+Kivvit

Stay ahead of an emerging brand crisis

“Predictive analysis supports a focus on purpose, empowering decision makers to deal with communications efficiently, minimize disruption and address substantive problems.”

Marshall Manson

Partner, Brunswick Group

Streamline your research process

“Easy to write searches, user-friendly dashboards, easy to filter, lots of channels to analyze, wide date range.”

Surayya Nagji

Measurement and analytics Manager, Allison+Partners


Deliver real-time insights to your clients

“It's an easy way of tracking and finding news in social media; their customer service is excellent, making it easier to get used to the platform since they are willing to explain everything for you to get the most of it. It's advantageous to analyze the information about people's online navigations to understand their behavior.”

Noelia Mercader

Paid Media Manager, Edelman

Features Agencies Love


Up-to-the-minute data that gives you predicted levels of public engagement for every story.

Interest quadrant

Real-time map of the personalities and brands involved in any story.


Build an alert system that keeps your comms team informed on breaking news and trending content in real time.

Facebook data

NewsWhip has unparalleled Facebook data giving you real time feeds of Facebook posts with up to the minute and predicted engagement data.

Research dashboard illustration

Real-time Reddit Monitoring

Monitor what’s being posted & discussed by expert users from over 100,000 subreddit communities.

Illustration of Customer Support on Spike

Historical data

Build successful data-driven strategies with up to nine years of historical data.

Latest update

Report Builder

Our in-product Report Builder seamlessly turns your NewsWhip dashboards into executive-ready reports in just a few clicks. Add your own insights alongside NewsWhip’s unique visualizations and easily export to PDF or PowerPoint for shareable insights that enhance decision-making.

Image of Dashboard Sending screen in NewsWhip Spike real-time media monitoring platform

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