Real-time and predictive Media monitoring

Find out what’s resonating with the public and respond, from misinformation to emerging trends

Why government agencies work with NewsWhip

NewsWhip’s real-time data and predictive analytics help our government partners effectively respond to emerging global trends, combat misinformation, and monitor critical societal issues.

Trusted by global leaders

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How Governments use NewsWhip


Trend Spotting

Discover the stories that your audience cares about. Our platform helps government agencies identify emerging trends, discover underreported story angles, and generate compelling content ideas.

Understand the landscape with AI-powered real-time visualizations
Monitor ongoing and emerging trends in real time
Prioritize stories based on public engagement data

Performance insights

Measuring your success

NewsWhip provides insight into the performance of your communications efforts by measuring the success of the stories and posts across multiple platforms and benchmarking performance against your competitors.

Dashboards with data from across social media

Data visualizations make the numbers easy to understand

Historical performance data from 2014
Youtube icon


Real-time insights on LinkedIn trends and top-performing content

Twitter icon


Real-time feeds of tweets from the most influential Twitter accounts

Facebook logo fact checkin


Real-time discovery and measurement of Facebook posts


Track every post and comment from Reddit’s communities

Instagram icon


Global coverage of content from creator & business accounts

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Track and analyze video titles from Youtube channels in real time


Misinformation monitoring and research

Monitor multiple networks in real time, prioritize fact-checking efforts based on engagement levels, and assess the impact of misinformation with historical data starting in 2014.

Track the spread of misinformation across multiple networks
Historical performance data from 2014

Analyze any individual story’s impact based on public engagement data

Quality insights

Track societal issues

NewsWhip will help you monitor data on crucial societal issues happening in the world. With our cutting-edge platform, you can uncover real-world insights into stories that matter and make swift and confident decisions based on that data.

Stay informed with real-time and predictive alerts

Quantify the stories and trends that matter through measuring engagement

Prioritize stories to respond to based on public engagement data

How Valent Projects used NewsWhip to fight against disinformation

Get real-time insights on your crises today

“The value of real-time data in responding to crises and issues, knowing what is being said, and how quickly it is moving across the country, and certainly globally, is a game changer.”

Aubrey Quinn

SVP of Communications and Public Affairs, ESA

Access real-world data effortlessly with our user-friendly platform

“Newswhip is the best tool for monitoring news coverage and social media reaction tool. It covers all the main platforms, provides the ability to see social media posts [in situations] and understand trends over time through the dashboard function.”


Working in Government Administration

Stay ahead using our predictive analytics

“We use tools such as NewsWhip Spike to predict how content will get shared to get a heads up on what is happening.”

Amil Khan profile photo

Amil Khan

CEO and founder of Valent Projects

Features Governments Love


Up-to-the-minute data that gives you predicted levels of public engagement for every story.

Interest quadrant

Real-time map of the government agencies involved in any story.


Build an alert system that keeps your comms team informed on breaking news and trending content in real time.

Facebook data

We offer the fastest and most comprehensive Facebook data providing real-time feeds of posts with up to the minute and predicted engagement data.
Research dashboard illustration

Real-time Reddit Monitoring

Monitor what’s being posted & discussed by expert users from over 100,000 subreddit communities.
Illustration of Customer Support on Spike

Historical data

Benchmark against similar moments in time or research past events using more than five years of historical data.

Latest update

AI Digest

NewsWhip's AI Digest combines the dependability of our trusted data with the speed of GPT insights. It's about amplifying your capabilities – giving you immediate context on broad coverage. You get a fast-lane to understanding without compromising on the depth of insights.

Stay ahead of the news cycle with NewsWhip

Discover the power of our real-time and predictive analytics today! Chat with us today to find out how NewsWhip helps some of the world’s largest government agencies in identifying emerging narratives and trends.

On the call we’ll explore:

How our data and media-monitoring currently supports your work
The challenges you face in your day-to-day work
How NewsWhip is uniquely positioned to help you
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