Research & strategy

Understand real-time & historical levels of public and media interest behind any topic, event, or campaign


When researching a topic, event, or campaign, the number of articles published doesn’t tell you how popular they were. This makes understanding cultural trends almost impossible.


Understand how any topic, event, or campaign is trending in real time, visualize changes in their public engagement at any point in time, and find the articles & posts that influenced them.

Understand why and how the public interacts with the media

Prepare for campaigns using historical data

Analyze over 7 years of public engagement data for any topic so you can create comms strategies with confidence.

Analyze campaign performance in real time

Explore public & media engagement with any topic to become a subject matter expert in minutes.

Report on campaigns & events with confidence

Collaborate with teammates and share real-time data to deliver impactful storytelling in every report and pitch.

Make decisions with confidence


Prepare campaigns that deliver impact by using historical interaction data

Explore public engagement with any topic, event, or campaign in real time or compare previous time periods to assess their performance and predict future impact.

Plan content campaigns that engage
Support campaign pitches with data
Assess past campaign performance


Analyze performance in real time so you can understand what’s resonating & why

Use real-time dashboards that tell you exactly what the public is interacting with, and where the engagement is happening across the web and social media.

Analyze earned media performance
Benchmark competitor performance
Explore short-term trends in real time


Report on campaign performance with data that integrates into your workflow

Public interaction data can be exported and integrated into your reports using tools like PowerPoint, Excel, and share visual graphs as images on any platorm.

Quickly report on the data that matters
Easily identify the engagement drivers
Directly influence with shareable data

Features that make your research informative


Bring public interest and media interest together to fully understand the size of any story or trend.


Uncover the highly engaged authors, websites, and communities that can deliver your message where it’s heard.

Top People & Brands

Our AI powered visualizations give you a new way to identify the key players dominating online conversations.

Research Dashboard

View content from across the web and social media together in one view and understand its impact in a single view.

PowerPoint Exports

Create professional PowerPoint presentations with Timeline Graphs and Notes that match your brand identity.

Scheduled Alerts

Get a scheduled digest of the articles that are driving the most engagement delivered to your inbox or on Slack.

Stand out with your comms plans

“Spike makes us stand out when we deliver our new business presentations. When we pitch a client or industry, we make sure we know their space so that they trust that they’re getting a true strategic partner if they hire us.”

Aubrey Quinn
Partner and Managing Director,
Clyde Group


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