NewsWhip Spike features

Features Overview

An overview of all features in NewsWhip Spike, our real-time media monitoring platform that gives you the clarity you need for quick and confident decisions.

Key features


Up-to-the-minute data that gives you predicted levels of public engagement for every story.

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Build an alert system that keeps your comms team informed on breaking news and trending content in real time

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Highlights automatically surface the most important information in your dashboards

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Real-time content feeds

Web articles

Surface web articles with real-time & predicted engagement levels in as little as 60 seconds.

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Monitor what’s being posted & discussed by expert users from over 100,000 subreddit communities.

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Real time feeds of Facebook posts with up to the minute and predicted engagement data.

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Uncover Instagram posts that mention your keywords and measure their engagement in real time.

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Find the videos that mention your keywords and measure their public engagement in real time.

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Twitter icon


Real-time Twitter content discovery and ongoing engagement data helps you focus on what matters for your brand.

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Web and Social Trends

Real-time feeds of trending topics across web publishers, Twitter, and YouTube from across the globe.

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Real-time content feeds from across the web and social media — layered with predictive interaction data.

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Media and public interest, social media posts, and media influencers — all in a single, comprehensive view.

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Explore real-time and historical data to understand and compare performance across campaigns and events.

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Top Reddit communities

Rank the Reddit communities that post and comment about any brand, topic by their level of engagement.

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Top websites

There are web publishers that hold the most influence in every industry, and you need to know who they are.

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Top authors

Find the journalists who punch way above their weight in public influence across any industry, topic, or beat.

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Latest update

Weekly Digests

We know that sometimes you want to step back and get a bird’s eye view of the bigger picture, which is why we've added Weekly Digests to our suite of available alerts.

Image of Dashboard Sending screen in NewsWhip Spike real-time media monitoring platform
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