NewsWhip Applications

The power of NewsWhip integrated into your workflow.

Our applications help you save time and ease your workflow.


NewsWhip Sheets

Source exactly what you need at a glance with our easy-to-use Google Sheets add-on that auto-fills information directly to a Google Sheet. Check up on web content from your campaigns, track owned content performance, or perform competitive analysis, across a set of URLs or keywords.

NewsWhip Chrome Extension

An easy way to monitor and predict the social media performance of any link, across three major platforms — Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The extension is available for all to use as a free download from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Slack Integration 

Integrate NewsWhip directly into your daily workflow to receive real-time Slack alerts on stories. Sent to your channel of choice, Slack alerts keep you informed on which stories are spreading the fastest, and which are predicted to be the biggest today.

The power of NewsWhip

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NewsWhip Sheets