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Crisis & issues management

Quantify & predict the impact of a potential crisis, understand its context, & respond with confidence


Current models of measuring media output alone mean you have a blind spot in your crisis analysis. Media coverage doesn’t guarantee the public cares.


Identify the size & trajectory of any issue or crisis by using NewsWhips’s real-time public engagement data so that you can respond proportionately.

Real-time and contextual data that’s needed in every crisis

Prepare for any crisis

Real-time dashboards put your crisis into context, and predictive alerts ensure that you’re prepared to react.

Manage in real time

Crisis trajectory visualization & real-time content feeds help you execute the perfect response plan.

Assess crisis impact

Export & integrate data into your crisis assessment reports to help you explain the crisis to every stakeholder.

React early and respond proportionately


Use historical data to understand potential crisis size and how to respond

Combine the Timeline of multiple crises to understand how they played out, and use our leaderboards to find the authors and publishers who can deliver your response.

Set up alerts for breaking stories
Monitor in real time & react appropriately
Generate media lists for your response


Real-time feeds and predictive data that tells you what is driving the crisis

Monitor content from across the web and social media, and predict the stories that will resonate. Use our compare feature to track the impact of your response.

Assess the size & trajectory of the crisis
Track social conversations from one view
Measure your response impact in real time


Review how any crisis unfolded along with who and what influenced it

Assess what happened from a single dashboard, and easily export data that gives context when you report and present to stakeholders.

Assess the size and impact of the crisis
Explore what drove and influenced it
Report on the crisis with in-depth data

Features that matter in a crisis

Crisis Dashboard

Real-time media and public interest, social media posts, and media influencers — all in a single, comprehensive view.


Track how public and media interest is changing, compare with other crises, & understand the impact of individual articles.

Top People & Brands

Our AI powered visualizations give you a new way to identify the key players dominating online conversations.

Predictive Alerts

Receive alerts when any article is predicted to generate high levels of public interest, so you can react early.

Website Leaderboards

Find the websites that have the power to drive public interest in the crisis, or deliver your response to the crisis.

Author Leaderboards

Discover which authors are writing about the crisis, or the industry journalists to pitch your response to.

Navigate a crisis with confidence

“From the biggest PR crisis to a small communications hiccup, NewsWhip’s real-time news data gives us the ability to provide our clients with stronger and faster counsel.”

Chris Smith,
Practice Director,


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