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Monitor and manage live issues

Get ahead of potential issues with NewsWhip’s predictive media monitoring. We help you quantify & forecast the impact of any issue, so you can make better informed decisions to protect and enhance your brand’s reputation.


Traditional media monitoring tools fall short, with outdated snapshots rather than the full picture of developing issues. When issues can spread like wildfire, having old, out-of-date data won’t help you get ahead of issues that could impact your brand’s reputation.


Anticipate and navigate any issue with foresight using NewsWhip’s predictive media monitoring. NewsWhip combines the world’s fastest media monitoring with custom AI models to deliver clarity on what’s happening now – so you can shape what happens next

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The key questions to help you proactively manage live issues


How important is this issue? 

Our Timeline widget is powered by the market’s fastest content discovery engine, offering a live view of how public and media interest is evolving. This view allows you to gauge whether an issue is intensifying, enabling informed decisions on whether and how to react.

Predicted interactions show you how big any story will become

Real-time alerts keep you updated with the latest developments

Highest Velocity shows you which articles moved the fastest across the web


How does our situation compare with others?

Our dashboards empower you to directly measure your brand’s issue against industry peers and competitors in both past and present. By integrating searches specific to your brand alongside those of previous issues, we enable a holistic view of how similar issues have affected the broader landscape, both now and historically.

Highlights shows you the key inflection points in any narrative

Combined Timeline lets you directly compare two issues

Interest Quadrant gives you a map of the issue’s main points of focus


Who is driving the conversation?

Understanding who is shaping the narrative is crucial, as influence and impact can vary across the press, trade publications, and different social channels. With NewsWhip’s real-time data and custom AI we help you focus on who matters quickly.

Top People & Brands shows you who’s generating the most interest

Top websites breaks down the most influential publications

Top Authors lists the individual journalists whose coverage is resonating most

Features that matter in a crisis


Track how public and media interest is changing, compare with other crises, & understand the impact of individual articles.

Predicted interactions

Measure how big any story is likely to become with real-time prediction based on tangible engagement data.

Top People & Brands

Our AI powered visualizations give you a new way to identify the key players dominating online conversations.

Predictive Alerts

Receive alerts when any article is predicted to generate high levels of public interest, so you can react early.

Website Leaderboards

Find the websites that have the power to drive public interest in the crisis, or deliver your response to the crisis.

Author Leaderboards

Discover which authors are writing about the crisis, or the industry journalists to pitch your response to.

Data at your fingertips

“NewsWhip is simple to use and provides profound – and immediate – insights. When I am in crisis monitoring mode, this is always my first and primary tool for gathering information and making recommendations.”

Aubrey Quinn,
Entertainment Software Association


Ready for proactive issues management?

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