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Why do publishers choose NewsWhip?

NewsWhip equips news organizations with predictive analytics to make sure they’re the first to know when something starts to trend, aiding in breaking news reporting, story ideation, and combating misinformation.

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“Clegg pointed to third-party social media analytics tools, such as … NewsWhip, as resources the journalism community can use to analyze what’s going viral in CrowdTangle’s absence.”

Nick Clegg

President, Global Affairs at Meta

Axios, March 19th 2024

Get ahead of the news cycle


Trend Spotting

Discover the stories that your audience cares about. Our platform helps media professionals and publishers identify emerging trends, discover underreported story angles, and generate compelling content ideas.

Understand the landscape with AI-powered real-time visualizations

Monitor ongoing and emerging trends in real time

Prioritize stories based on public engagement data

Performance insights

Measuring your success

NewsWhip provides insight into the performance of your publications and websites by measuring the success of the stories and posts across multiple platforms and benchmarking performance against your competitors.

Dashboards with data from across social media

Data visualizations

Historical performance data from 2014

Quality Results

Improve Content Engagement

Strengthen your content engagement strategies with NewsWhip. Our cutting-edge platform helps you track trends and opportunities with alerts to gain real-time insights into the public’s reaction and media coverage.

Stay informed with real-time and predictive alerts

Quantify the stories and trends that matter

Prioritize stories based on public engagement data


Misinformation monitoring and research

Monitor multiple networks in real time, prioritize fact-checking efforts based on engagement levels, and assess the impact of misinformation with historical data starting in 2014.


Track the spread of misinformation across multiple networks

Historical performance data from 2014

Analyze stories based on public engagement data


Nurture your audience connection

“NewsWhip allows us to listen to our audience thus improving our conversations with them, creating ad hoc initiatives and events which take that into account as much as delivering products that can respond to our customers’ real needs.”

Roberta Cianetti

Senior Digital & SM Strategist, Condé Nast

Get quality insights

“It has probably the best Twitter insights that I’ve come across.”

Yara Silva

Group Head of Social Media, Reach Plc


Identify stories that matter to your audience

“We use the Reddit integration with NewsWhip every day to find great stories. It’s a really useful tool to see what’s generating conversation and find posts that are on the cusp of going viral so that we can turn them into compelling articles for our audiences.”

Yara Silva

Group Head of Social Media, Reach Plc

Gain a fresh perspective

“The additional context from Reddit will help journalists discover new insights and angles to developing stories as NewsWhip tracks their trajectory through the social ecosystem.”

Jim Kennedy

SVP of Strategy, Associated Press

Features Publishers Love


Up-to-the-minute data that gives you predicted levels of public engagement for every story.

Interest quadrant

Real-time map of the personalities and brands involved in any story.


Build an alert system that keeps your comms team informed on breaking news and trending content in real time.

Facebook data

NewsWhip has unparalleled Facebook data, giving you real-time feeds of Facebook posts with up to the minute and predicted engagement data.

Research dashboard illustration

Real-time Reddit Monitoring

Monitor what’s being posted & discussed by expert users from over 100,000 subreddit communities.

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Historical data

Build successful data-informed strategies with up to nine years of historical data.

Latest update

Report Builder

Our in-product Report Builder seamlessly turns your NewsWhip dashboards into executive-ready reports in just a few clicks. Add your own insights alongside NewsWhip’s unique visualizations and easily export to PDF or PowerPoint for shareable insights that enhance decision-making.

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Latest publishers report

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Understand how the public engage with any topic


Build dashboards and reports that give your comms teams clarity

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