The Data Behind the Story

NewsWhip provides predictive intelligence for the world’s news
and communications professionals.

Cross-Industry Solutions

NewsWhip’s technology is woven into the workflows of hundreds of global brands, PR agencies, and media organizations.


Identify the current events, trends, and moments that your audience cares about.

PR Agencies

Utilize Predictive PR insights for opportunities, crisis management, & media planning.


Find breaking news and storytelling opportunities across web and social.

NewsWhip provides:


NewsWhip is designed to put professionals ahead of the news cycle. Track the spread of any content within seconds of publication, and predict what will make an impact every day.


We analyze millions of trends, topics, formats, authors, publishers, social accounts, and posts across seven social platforms, in all major languages.


NewsWhip combines real-time trends with five years of historical data across the web & social. Use these insights to inspire and guide your content creation, PR, and market research.

Social Media Analytics

Explore the unique insights from our data partners below.

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