React to brand opportunities faster

Build an alert system that keeps your comms team informed on breaking news and trending content in real time

Alerts are available on NewsWhip Spike

NewsWhip Spike is the only real-time media monitoring platform that comms teams use to predict the stories and topics that will matter in the hours ahead.

Alerts to suit every situation

React faster with real-time alerts

New articles and social media posts are discovered in as little as 90 seconds so your alerts are never too late.

Stay informed with scheduled alerts

Create scheduled alerts to give you and your team a digest of what’s new from as often as every 30 minutes.

Instant and informative

Stay ahead of the news cycle

Real-time web article & social post tracking enables delivery of alerts directly to your email inbox or Slack in as little as 90 seconds.

Public engagement data with every alert

Global coverage so you never miss a story

Add up to 10 teammates to email alerts

Customizable and contextual

Focus on what matters

Powerful search queries filter out the noise, and customisable alert thresholds help you trigger alerts when content is predicted to be popular in the hours ahead. 

Set minimum engagement requirements

Limit alerts to what’s popular right now

Send alerts using predicted engagement

React faster with real-time alerts

“From the biggest PR crisis to a small communications hiccup, NewsWhip’s real-time news data gives us the ability to provide our clients with stronger and faster counsel.”

Chris Smith,
Practice Director,

More features that deliver real-time insights


Bring public interest and media interest together to fully understand the size of any story, or trend.


Uncover the highly engaged authors, websites, and communities that can deliver your message where it’s heard.

Graph with article plotting on crisis timeline

Content Feeds

Feeds of articles and posts from across the web and social media, sortable by level of engagement or virality.


Bring real-time media monitoring to your comms team

Learn how NewsWhip can help you take advantage of real-time media monitoring with a 15-minute call

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