NewsWhip Alerts put you ahead of any trend or crisis

Gain a competitive edge with real-time and predictive updates on breaking news, trending topics, and the brands that you care about.

React faster with NewsWhip Alerts

Empower any stakeholder with customizable alerts: real-time notifications for brand mentions, predictive engagement-based triggers to get ahead of any narrative, and weekly digests summarizing top stories. Keep your team informed and seize opportunities as important news happens.

Real-time alerts

Instant and informative

Stay ahead of the news cycle

Receive real-time insights as soon as content is published. Our real-time alerts will deliver NewsWhip’s web and social data, directly to your email inbox or Slack in as little as 90 seconds after publication.

Get public engagement data with every alert


Never miss a story with our global coverage

Add multiple teammates to your alerts

Predictive alerts

Anticipate breaking stories

Predictive alerts

Predictive alerts get you ahead of the story, showing you the articles that will trend in the hours ahead. Focus on what matters and optimize your content strategy based on concrete predicted numbers.

Set minimum predicted engagement requirements

Receive alerts when the threshold is hit

React faster to developing situations

Custom Digests


Custom Digests

Maintain balance and avoid alert overload with our custom digests. These deliver concise summaries of the crucial stories and trends that your stakeholders need to know, at a frequency that suits you. Choose from tailored weekly, daily, or even hourly digests to meet the needs of you and your audience.

Customize your delivery schedule

Keep key stakeholders well-informed

Accommodate the needs of your team

Real-time insights on activations

“NewsWhip was a great addition with real-time stories and insights across a variety of topics informing content, activations, brand strategies, and on-property pull-through.”

Aynat Ravin

Head of M Live, Marriott

Features our customers love

Interest quadrant

Explore a new way to identify the most important figures and brands, and their dominance in any topic.


Bring public and media interest together to give you a full understanding of any trend, crisis, or event.

Graph with article plotting on crisis timeline


Real-time data on Facebook posts with up-to-the-minute and predicted engagement data.


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