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Media and public interest, social media posts, and media influencers — all in a single, comprehensive view.

Create your own Crisis Dashboard on NewsWhip Spike

NewsWhip Spike is the only real-time media monitoring platform that comms teams use to predict the stories and topics that will matter in the hours ahead.

Crisis Dashboard provides the world’s most complete and real-time view of any crisis or event.

Visualize Public Engagement

View the trajectory of a crisis timeline in real time

An interactive timeline reveals precise, up-to-the-minute media and public interest in a crisis. Click on any point in the graph to uncover public engagement drivers.

Public interest

Get real-time insights into public engagement with stories relating to your crisis so you can understand its importance.

Media interest

View media output as new stories are published relating to your crisis, and dive into which articles are driving engagement.

Contextualize the crisis

Find social conversations so you can understand public perception

Add context to your decision-making with reactions and discussion across five major social networks, including communities in Reddit.

Honest discussions

With access to Reddit, you get an insight into a network known for in-depth and honest conversation about current events.

Real-time responses

The network feeds on your crisis dashboard bring in comments and posts as they happen, so that you’re always up to date.

Respond Effectively

Identify media influencers driving public engagement in any crisis

Discover which journalists writing about the issue are driving public engagement.

Engagement insights

Quickly identify the journalists and publications that are driving engagement with the public, so you can understand where the crisis is unfolding.

Media list creation

Discover the journalists that you want to hear your response, and can help to amplify your message, when you respond to the crisis.

Features that give you insight into what matters

Predictive data

NewsWhip Spike predicts public engagement so you can focus on the content that will matter in the hours ahead.

Real-time alerts

Receive alerts about new articles and social media posts in as little as 90 seconds so you never miss an important story.

Article Plotting

Your Timeline widget allows you to plot any article among total engagement so you can understand its importance.

Navigate a crisis with confidence

“From the biggest PR crisis to a small communications hiccup, NewsWhip’s real-time news data gives us the ability to provide our clients with stronger and faster counsel.”

Chris Smith,
Practice Director,


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