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Crisis Dashboard

Media and public interest, social media posts, and media influencers — all in a single, comprehensive view.
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Crisis Dashboard provides the world’s most complete and real-time view of any crisis or event.


Visualize the crisis timeline

An interactive timeline reveals precise media and public interest in an event, right up to the present moment. Click on any point in the graph to uncover engagement drivers.

Public interest

Get real time insights into public engagement with stories relating to your crisis so you can understand its importance.

Media interest

View media output as new stories are published relating to your crisis, and dive into which articles are driving engagement.
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Understand public perception

Add context to your decision-making with reactions and discussion across five major social networks, including communities in Reddit.

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Honest conversations

With access to Reddit, you get an insight into a network known for in-depth and honest conversation about current events.

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Real-time responses

The network feeds on your crisis dashboard bring in comments and posts as they happen, so that you’re always up to date.

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Identify media influencers

Discover which journalists writing about the issue are driving public engagement.

Engagement insights

Quickly identify the journalists and publications that are driving engagement with the public, so you can understand where the crisis is unfolding.

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Media list creation

Discover the journalists that you want to hear your response, and can help to amplify your message, when you respond to the crisis.

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Stay ahead of the crisis

Predict emerging articles

Using NewsWhip’s predictive media intelligence — Crisis Dashboard gives you real time data on how much engagement any article is predicted to receive. Use this data to identify the articles that matter most, and react before it’s too late.

Get notified about new threats

Crisis Dashboard is here for you even when you’re not at your desk. You can receive Email or Slack alerts when a new article is predicted to get high levels of engagement that you can define.
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Understand article importance

Plot the impact of any article on public engagement. Understand which articles are driving the most engagement in the context of all media output, so you know what messages are resonating and where.

Compare with other crises

Knowing when to react and when to ignore it is a difficult decision to make in crises. With the Compare feature in Crisis Dashboard, you can compare the interest of any crisis with yours, so you can get a perspective on your crisis that defines your response plan.

“Newswhip provides a crucial advantage in media relations throughout the full lifecycle of a news story.”
Zach Silber

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How can I get more information on Crisis Dashboard?
If you are new to NewsWhip, then you can request a demo by clicking here.

If you are an existing NewsWhip client, your Customer Success Manager can get you started with Crisis Dashboard. Click here to email your Customer Success Manager.

When will Crisis Dashboard be available?

Crisis Dashboard is now available in NewsWhip Spike.

What is the difference between media and public interest?
Media interest is the number of articles published that contain the keywords in your search terms, over the specified timeframe.

Public interest is the number of social media interactions with those articles, over the same timeframe.

How do I see which articles are driving the crisis?
Clicking on a point in the Public Interest chart will bring up the articles that earned the most engagement in the selected period. You can use this to identify the articles attracting the most interest at any given point in time.
How do I set up alerts for a crisis?

If you’d like to be alerted about new articles during a crisis, you click on the 3 dot menu on any network widget in your dashboard. From here, you can set up an alert by email or Slack for multiple options:

  1. Popular articles in your search criteria
  2. Any new article relating to the crisis
  3. Any article that reaches a certain level of engagement e.g. predicted to receive over 5,000 engagements

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