Real-time media monitoring


Timeline brings public interest and media interest together to give you a full understanding of any crisis, event, or trend.

Timeline is available on NewsWhip Spike

NewsWhip Spike is the only real-time media monitoring platform that comms teams use to predict the stories and topics that will matter in the hours ahead.

Quickly understand public and media interest, put it into context for your team, and share it with stakeholders in just a few clicks.

Visual Overview

Timeline gives you visual graphs of public and media interest so you get a real-time view of the size of any topic, event, or crisis.

Contextual Insight

Plot articles, compare multiple timelines, and add insightful notes to create context on what is driving the topics you’re monitoring or researching.

Easily Shareable

Export visuals from NewsWhip Spike in the format that works best for updating colleagues, informing clients, or exploring the data in depth.

Visual overview

Public Interest

Visualize a topic’s social media engagement

Timeline gives you a precise overview of public interest in any crisis, event, or trend. Driven by social media engagement, you can see how public interest ebbs and flows — hour by hour, day by day.

Image of timeline
Image of timeline

Media Interest

Track real-time article output from the media

Understand how much attention the media is paying to a crisis, event, or trend. With timeline, you can see media output graphed by hour and by day, alongside the level of public interest on social media.

Image of timeline

Contextual Insight

Article Plotting

Understand the impact of any article on overall public interest

Understand how important any article is in the overall trend of public interest. With article plotting, you can view the share of total interaction that any article has had in the context of a crisis, event, or trend.

Timeline Notes Graph

Timeline Notes

Highlight important information and events

Add annotations to the public and media graphs to highlight significant points-of-interest in the chart, so you can highlight important points of time, and add insight for your team.

Timeline Notes Graph

Combined Timelines

Put the size of a story into perspective

View multiple timelines together in one widget to truly understand the size and importance of a crisis, event, or trend. Combined Timelines helps you to understand how public interest evolves in line with other events, from start to finish.

“Being able to go in and tag things for teammates to say ‘this is what you’re looking for, and this is where it happened’ is easier because it’s on the graph itself.”

Ally MacLellan Proof Strategies

Ally MacLellan,
Manager, Engagement & Platforms,
Proof Strategies

Export and share your insight with the data

Export to PowerPoint

Create on-brand, professional presentations

Export public interest data, media output numbers, and your Timeline Notes into a .pptx file that integrates with your PowerPoint themes to give you a fully customizable slide as part of your presentations.

Click here to download an example Microsoft PowerPoint slide with Timeline Data

Image of timeline
Image of timeline

Export to PNG

Quickly share updates with Timeline images

Download the public interest chart, the media interest graph, or both in one file in PNG format for easy sharing and quick updates for clients and colleagues.

Click here to view an example of a Timeline Chart PNG image

Image of timeline

Export to CSV

Deep dive into the data in Excel or Sheets

Export the data behind Timeline graphs, along with your Timeline Notes, into a CSV for use in Excel, Numbers, or Sheets. Combine Timeline data with multiple data sources from across your organizations tech stack.

Click here to download a sample CSV file


How can I get more information on Timeline?

If you are new to NewsWhip, then you can request a demo by clicking here.

If you are an existing NewsWhip client, your Customer Success Manager can get you started with Timeline. Click here to email your Customer Success Manager.

What are the metrics behind Timeline?

The public interest graph shows total interactions for web articles.

Total Interactions on the Timeline widget is the total number of Facebook Interactions + Twitter Influencer Shares that an article receives.

The media interest chart shows the total number of relevant articles publish per hour or per day, depending on how you’ve setup your Timeline widget.

How do I add Timeline to my dashboards?

Timeline is available on all dashboards, and is added by default on Crisis and Research templates. You can also add the Timeline widget to your monitoring dashboard or pre-existing dashboards by clicking on the Add Widget button in top right of your dashboard.

Are Timeline Notes included in exports?

Your Timeline notes are included when you export PowerPoint files, or CSV files.

PNG exports do not include Timeline Notes.

Are Timeline Notes included in the Combined Timelines widget?

Yes, your Timeline notes are shown on each Timeline in the Combined Timelines widget.

You can also add Timeline Notes in the Combined Timelines widget. Click on the + icon, and select the Timeline you want to add your Notes to.

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Integrate with Powerpoint

Bring public interest and media interest data from the NewsWhip Timeline widget into PowerPoint in 2 clicks.


Integrate with Excel

Export Timeline’s public interest data, media interest data, and your notes into a .csv spreadsheet in 1 click.


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