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Every industry, topic, and beat has some journalists who punch way above their weight in public influence – and they’re not always the obvious ones.

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Top Authors Leaderboard lets you monitor the right journalists, build more effective media lists, and identify the loudest and most influential voices in a crisis.

Influential Voices

NewsWhip’s Top Authors Leaderboard will instantly show you who the most influential journalists are, right now, in any industry, topic or beat in the world.

Emerging Voices

Spot emerging voices with outsized influence that might be underestimated or excluded in media databases — and glad to hear your story.

Engaged Voices

Top Authors Leaderboard tracks authors from over 500,000 websites, and the level of public engagement their articles get across Facebook and Twitter.


Create maximum impact media lists

Surface the most impactful emerging and established reporters in your industry. Export the data to build a data-informed media list with precise impact estimates for every entry. Use that media list to maximise the impact of your strategic plans.


Find the authors that can amplify your media plans with an influential voice.

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Build your plans to engage a media list that boosts your strategy


Respond to crisis quickly and effectively

Discover the authors and publications whose stories are driving the public response to a crisis. Identify the most publicly engaged reporters who write about the industry to facilitate your response.


Quickly gain insight on the journalists that are vocal in a crisis.


Use engagement data to decide who you need to engage with and where.

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Monitor real-time author engagement

Track the authors that are impacting public perception in your domain to identify new opportunities, and detect risks early.

Stay Informed

Add author engagement to your monitoring and familiarise yourself with influential authors.

Be Proactive

Use engagement data to build relationships with relevant voices.

Working with companies like NewsWhip, we are identifying who are the most influential voices in a space not just based on name recognition, but based on who is being shared the most on social.

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How can I get more information on Top Authors Leaderboard?

If you are new to NewsWhip, then you can request a demo by clicking here.

If you are an existing NewsWhip client, your Customer Success Manager can get you started with Top Authors Leaderboard. Click here to email your Customer Success Manager.

When will Top Authors Leaderboard be available?

Top Authors Leaderboard is now available in NewsWhip!

What do the bar graphs mean on Top Authors Leaderboard?

The three colored bars on the Top Authors Leaderboard in your dashboard represent three key metrics by which we assess authors.

Green = Number of relevant articles by author
Pink = Average level of engagement per author article
Blue = Total level of engagement with all relevant author articles

How do I create a media list using Top Authors Leaderboard?

Click the three dot overflow menu on the top right of your Top Author Leaderboard widget on your dashboard. Here you will see the export option. You can either export a CSV and view it in your favourite program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. You can also export in JSON format.

How are authors ranked on Top Authors Leaderboard?

By default, your Top Authors Leaderboard is sorted by total interactions with relevant articles. This is because public engagement is at the center of media influence.

You can find further sorting options by using the expanded view. Enter the expanded view by clicking the double arrows icon on the top right. From the expanded view, you can sort by article count, average interactions, and total interactions by clicking on the column headers.

Can I view all relevant articles this author has published?

You can view all articles by each author in the expanded view. Enter the expanded view by clicking the double arrows icon on the top right. From the expanded view, click View Articles.

Can I compare each author?

You can compare each author by entering the expanded view. Here you can see the top performing author, and each relevant author appears beneath. Each bar represents that authors performance relative to the most influential author who is top of the leaderboard.

Can I exclude an author or publisher from my leaderboard?

In your dashboard view, each author card has a three dot menu. Hover your mouse to show the three dot menu, and click on it. This will give you the option to exclude either the author or the publisher. This can be useful to clear out any noise or unwanted author/publisher.

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