Stay up to date on what’s trending

Round up the most popular articles on a schedule to keep you and your team up to date on any topic or story

Informative and frequent alerts

Narrow your focus

Powerful search queries help you filter out the noise so you only receive alerts for the content you care about.

Choose your network

NewsWhip alerts keep you up to date on content from web publishers, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Control alert frequency

Send alerts at custom intervals from 30 minutes up to 24 hours for a digest of what matters most.

Fast and informative

Stay up to date on what’s trending at your own pace

Scheduled alerts can be setup to deliver updates that rank what is most popular right now, or what is predicted to be popular in the hours ahead.

Schedule alerts as often as 30 minutes

Limit alerts to one every 24 hours

Control when your alerts are delivered

Timely and customizable

Keep your team informed on what matters most

NewsWhip’s powerful search queries help you filter out the noise, and distribution options help you keep your team informed.

Filter results by language & location

Limit alerts to specific sources

Send alerts to up to 10 email addresses

More features that deliver real-time insights


Bring public interest and media interest together to give you a full understanding of any crisis, event, or trend.

Reddit monitoring

Understand public perception and popularity levels on the stories and topics that are relevant to you.

Websites Leaderboard

Instantly discover the websites that are driving public interest in any industry, topic, or beat in the world.


Ready to bring public engagement updates to your team?

Talk to our team today to see how you can use NewsWhip Spike scheduled alerts to keep you and your team up to date on any topic or trend.

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