Reddit Monitoring

Understand public perception on the stories and topics that are relevant to you.

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Conversations happen on Reddit days, weeks, and even months before they reach other networks — giving you early signals before they become mainstream. 

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Early Signals

Surface relevant conversations as they happen in real time, before they make their way to other networks.

Expert Users

Explore conversations between knowledgeable and often expert users in over 130,000 active communities.

Honest Discussion

Discover the honest and open discussion between expert users that thrives in the open conversational structure of Reddit.


Access real-time community content for your ideation and activation

Get early indications on topics, trends, and conversations among the communities that relate to you, and turn them into actionable content plans.

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Create context

Use vote scores to understand what’s relevant and popular for your content plans.

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Build content

Discover emerging content as it appears on Reddit and incorporate it in your content strategy.

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Bring Reddit into the online conversation across multiple platforms

Get early indications on topics, trends, and conversations among the communities that relate to you, and turn them into actionable content plans.

Bring balance

Reddit brings another layer of engagement and context to the online conversation. 

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Plan inclusively

Build content plans that have a full understanding of public perception across platforms. 

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Nurture your audience connection

“NewsWhip allows us to listen to our audience thus improving our conversations with them, creating ad hoc initiatives and events which take that into account as much as delivering products that can respond to our customers’ real needs.”

Roberta Cianetti

Senior Digital & SM Strategist, Condé Nast

Get quality insights

“It has probably the best Twitter insights that I’ve come across.”

Yara Silva

Group Head of Social Media, Reach Plc


Identify stories that matter to your audience

“We use the Reddit integration with NewsWhip every day to find great stories. It’s a really useful tool to see what’s generating conversation and find posts that are on the cusp of going viral so that we can turn them into compelling articles for our audiences.”

Yara Silva

Group Head of Social Media, Reach Plc

Gain a fresh perspective

“The additional context from Reddit will help journalists discover new insights and angles to developing stories as NewsWhip tracks their trajectory through the social ecosystem.”

Jim Kennedy

SVP of Strategy, Associated Press


How can I get more information on Reddit Monitoring?

If you are new to NewsWhip, then you can request a demo by clicking here.

If you are an existing NewsWhip client, your Customer Success Manager can get you started with Reddit Monitoring. Click here to email your Customer Success Manager.

When will Reddit Monitoring be available?

Reddit Monitoring is now available in all NewsWhip Spike Dashboards. 

How do I find communities on Reddit?

You can find communities on Reddit, known as subreddits, by using the search feature in your NewsWhip Spike dashboards. From here, any subreddit that contains your search term will appear, and you can add it as a source in your dashboard.

How do I read through conversations on Reddit?

Conversations on Reddit are brought into NewsWhip Spike with two filter options. You can show only comments that mention your keywords, or show all comments. If you decide to show all comments, then you can get a view of the entire conversation. To understand how the comment structure works, see “How does the comment structure work on Reddit?”

How does the comment structure work on Reddit?

Comments on Reddit use what is called a tree structure hierarchy. This means that by default, every original comment is sorted in order of how popular it is (see “What is the Reddit voting system?”. Users can reply to a comment, and that reply appears below the original comment, but is indented to the right similar to an email thread. A reply to a reply, is further indented to the right in order, and so on. See our handy image below to illustrate how it looks by clicking here.


What is the Reddit voting system?

The Reddit voting system consists of upvotes and downvotes. Posts and comments receive upvotes if they are valuable, and generally when Reddit users agree with the point being made. Posts and comments receive downvotes when they do not contribute to the conversation, but commonly when users disagree with the point being made. The vote score that you see, is the sum total of upvotes minus downvotes.

What impact does vote score have on content?

The default sorting of Reddit posts and comments shows the most upvoted content first. This means that the higher the vote count, the more representative it is of public perception, and the more likely it is to be seen by the rest of the community.

What are “matching comments” in NewsWhip Spike?

Matching comments are all comments that mention the keywords specified in your search terms. If you would like to see all comments in the Reddit post where your keyword is mentioned, you can click into the expanded view of the post, and deselect “Only show comments that contain search terms”.

Can I find an article posted anywhere on Reddit?

Yes. You can paste any URL into the search bar, and it will return all posts that point to the URL you have entered.

How do I search for keywords in both posts and comments?

With Reddit Monitoring in NewsWhip Spike, you can discover both posts and comments. By default, NewsWhip Spike returns results where your keyword is mentioned in the title or text body of the post only. If you would like to surface results from any post where it contains your keyword in the comments, as well as the standard post title and body search — then you can set your search to “Search Posts and Comments” at the bottom of the search panel under “Reddit Filters”.

Can I exclude some subreddits?

Yes. If there are subreddits that do not relate to you, then you can search for that subreddit from the search bar, and hover over the name of the subreddit, and click on the red hide icon on the right.

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