Tech trends:
How big tech & AI have been covered in 2023

It’s been a busy year for tech brands already, and there have been hundreds of thousands of articles about the world’s biggest ones in the last three months alone.

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Tech sector coverage

We first looked at which of the biggest tech companies received the most engagement to coverage about them, and the answer may surprise some.

The clear winner was Meta, with more than 25 million engagements to reporting about the tech giant, significantly more than even its closest rival TikTok.

It was the streaming giants that generally saw the most engagement, with entertainment making up a big part of the engagement levels. Obviously that was particularly true for the likes of Netflix, but it even went beyond that to companies that have traditionally focused on physical products such as Apple.

Companies like Salesforce, IBM, and HP all struggled to gain any engagement, coming in at a fraction of the levels of some of their rivals, so we will be focusing on the top seven in our spotlights section.

The only narrative that made a splash for any of these latter three was Matthew McConaughey being paid millions by Salesforce while the company laid off workers, which causes consternation amongst readers.

Before we dive into some of the top coverage, let’s look at where it could be found.

Brand coverage by engagement

Tech sector coverage

The top websites covering those brands are a mix of mainstream and entertainment-driven publishers, which is a little unexpected.

As we will see from some of our spotlights, this is because even for the top tech companies, the streaming side of their business often dominates, which is why you get the likes of People Magazine so high up in this list.

This is a generalized list of the top publishers across the top ten, but if you dig a little deeper into the individual brands, it reveals some niche websites writing about them in an influential way.

For example, among the top publishers for Apple in the last 90 days were Apple Insider, 9 to 5 Mac, and Mac Rumors. While these websites didn’t have any stories big enough to make the top five, their output is almost exclusively about Apple products, which means that on an aggregate level they are a very influential source.

Other similar publishers for other brands included the likes of Android Police and Android Headlines for Google.

Let’s look at the content that resonated.

Top websites covering selected brands


Meta had by far the highest engagement of any of the major tech brands, and a good amount of that engagement was driven by celebrities using the platforms within the Meta umbrella.

This included Selena Gomez becoming the most followed woman on Instagram, and posts shared by Michael J. Fox and Ozzy Osbourne.

The biggest spike in interest came on April 17th, but it was not driven by any particular narrative, and engagements to stories about Meta tended to have a baseline of at least 1.5 million engagements per week.

Public interest in Meta in the last three months

Open AI/Chat GPT

With ChatGPT swiftly rising this year, we wanted to take a look at how it’s being written about on its own.

Conversations about the chatbot were steadily earning engagement from late February to late April, with various spikes along the way.

Elon Musk potentially building his own rival was still of major interest, as was Noam Chomsky’s opinion piece about the false promise of ChatGPT.

Public interest in open AI/CHAT GPT in the last three months


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