New technology to support an age-old activity: storytelling

NewsWhip tracks how billions of people engage with stories across all social networks. Our products give the most complete and unique insight into what stories audiences care about today, and what's proven to engage historically.

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Where we came from

NewsWhip was founded in 2011 by Paul Quigley and Andrew Mullaney with a simple mission: to discover and understand the most interesting stories in the world. That idea evolved into filtering the world’s stories by their engagement on social networks, to reveal the most compelling content on any topic in any location.

An early alpha was launched in 2012, and NewsWhip attracted hundreds of publishers, who used it to quickly discover what would be popular that day. Brands and agencies soon recognized that this was also a powerful way to understand audience interests and preferences.

Today, NewsWhip has 500 customers globally, and is woven into the workflows of leaders like the Washington Post, Reebok, Edelman, Walmart, NowThis, and countless others. Our products now allow customers to predict what will perform today, and analyze what’s proven to work long term in any niche.

Where we’re headed

When we go deeper, we see that our data is part of the DNA of what makes stories work. It can perfectly map the zeitgeist, and let us understand why we let some stories into our lives — and minds — and reject others.

We believe the solution to this problem requires us to understand it. We want to understand what sparks engagement, and what factors make certain stories rise to the top. We continuously strive to surpass the heights we've already achieved in understanding content.

At NewsWhip we're building our products to better serve our customers' needs each day, and better map the genome of viral content.

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Our Values

Internally, we’ve found some principles and values to guide our work with our customers.
Relentless problem solvers

This applies to our technology, and our customer support. We always strive to be honest in understanding a problem or situation, and try and build the best solution. We actively seek truth, even if it contradicts our assumptions.

There for customers

We have our customers backs, and will share with you insights, hacks, and ideas on how to succeed. We get the smartest minds in our business into your problem, and quickly get back on questions, bugs and problems.

Results Driven

We want to understand what your success looks like. We will set measurements and goals, and help you exceed them. Our implementation teams work to give you the customized onboarding you need to succeed.


We will think and act like the owners of your problems, and always see the bigger picture that you’re working towards. We’ll hustle to help you get there, and work with you on an individual basis to build in features and capabilities that suit your needs.

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