New technology to support an age-old activity: storytelling

NewsWhip tracks how billions of people engage with stories across all social networks. Our products give the most complete and unique insight into what stories audiences care about today, and what's proven to engage historically.

Where we came from

NewsWhip was founded in Dublin in 2011 with a simple mission: to discover and reveal the most interesting stories in the world. We wanted to find out what news and content people were engaging with, in real time, without any editorial filters or biases. So we architected a system to pull in the world’s content, monitor engagement, predict future engagement, and reveal what is actually happening.

Early on, we noticed that our data could help guide decisions for newsrooms and publishers - by knowing which stories are engaging audiences, editors and journalists can decide where to allocate resources. Today we proudly support over half of the world’s major newsrooms. We also support hundreds of niche publishers who want to better understand their audience interests.

Since 2015 we have made our technology available to a wider group including brands, and the communications agencies that support them. We help brands predict and respond to crises, and understand which stories and narratives will generate interest, and which will fall flat.

Our mission has grown - beyond discovering and revealing stories, today we want to help the world’s professional journalists and communicators actually understand them, and what makes them tick.

Where we’re headed

Humanity is undergoing a radical transformation in how we encounter, consume, and engage with news and information. Individually, our attention is targeted and manipulated by algorithms and apps - often slipping from our control. Instant access to socially-distributed news has brought misinformation, tribal behaviours, moral panics, and even real-world violence.

We want NewsWhip’s data to help support a healthier, more truthful, and useful information ecosystem - one that enables our better natures and impulses, not our worst.

For this we need to understand the stories - and ourselves. Which stories change our minds? Which inspire our anger? What misinformation do we unwittingly let into our lives? NewsWhip works with academics, NGOs, fact checking organisations and anti-fake news initiatives, supporting them with real-time signals and real-world data. In the future we wish to become a complete source of useful information on the who, what, why, where, and how of content engagement. Through that, we can explain and understand the problems and solutions - and create a more healthy internet.

Meet our team

Our Values

Internally, we’ve found some principles and values to guide our work with our customers.
Relentless problem solvers

This applies to our technology and our customer support. We always strive to be honest in understanding a problem try and build the best solution.

There for our customers

We obsess about our customers and will always share insights and ideas on how to succeed. We will leverage the smartest minds in the business to help solve your challenges.

Results Driven

Our implementation team will customize your onboarding based on each use case. We will partner together to define success and establish measurement criteria and goals.


We think and act like the owners of your problems. We focus on the bigger picture objective that you are working towards.

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