Linkedin Monitoring

LinkedIn insights are now available in NewsWhip Spike [Beta]

Journalists now have a new way to spot trends and find story ideas by accessing the most viewed Company Page posts in many work topics on LinkedIn.

The Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the platform for business and industry conversations, with a global community of over 985 million professionals and 67 million companies, it can offer a wealth of deep insight into conversations and content across the professional landscape.

LinkedIn by the numbers

Interactions from LinkedIn members with LinkedIn Pages every month

Members connect, learn, sell, and get hired on the platform

Companies and organizations have a Page on LinkedIn


of LinkedIn visitors engage with a Page organically every week

Trend Spotting [Beta]

A simple search within NewsWhip now instantly provides you with a view of the content and Company Pages that are leading the discourse in many work topics.

From there, you can see what’s gaining strong engagement in hot topics such as AI and Environmental Social and Governance (ESG), spot new narratives that are gaining momentum, and stay ahead of key industry issues.

Content Strategy [Beta]

Use the power of LinkedIn to spark your creativity. Explore the most engaging Company Page posts in real time, and analyze leading industry dialogues — from DEI and sustainability to the future of tech. By understanding the narratives that resonate, you can find story ideas to craft content that’s not only relevant but also compelling to your audience.

Benchmarking [Beta]

In the dynamic media landscape, it’s helpful to know where you stand among competitors – and the formats, topics and voices that are working for them.

Now, you can benchmark any set of publishers, uncover best practices, and improve your strategy.

LinkedIn on NewsWhip [Beta]

Access to content from all Company Pages dating back to July 1st 2023.

Analyze text, link, video, and image posts and search, view, and watch those posts in-product.

Sort and rank by most recent, total interactions, reactions & comments.

Discover new LinkedIn posts within 60 minutes of them being published.

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Nurture your audience connection

“NewsWhip allows us to listen to our audience thus improving our conversations with them, creating ad hoc initiatives and events which take that into account as much as delivering products that can respond to our customers’ real needs.”

Roberta Cianetti

Senior Digital & SM Strategist, Condé Nast

Identify stories that matter to your audience

“We use the Reddit integration with NewsWhip every day to find great stories. It’s a really useful tool to see what’s generating conversation and find posts that are on the cusp of going viral so that we can turn them into compelling articles for our audiences.”

Yara Silva

Group Head of Social Media, Reach Plc

Where to focus editorial attention

“NewsWhip Spike helps us set an agenda for the day: to see what people are reading and where to focus editorial attention.”

Andy Joannou

Audience Development Manager, Hearst