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Ford case study

Learn how Ford’s Global Insights team used NewsWhip Spike to make a real impact to the Texas community during the Texas Winter Blizzard of 2021

Valent Projects Case Study

Discover how the Valent Project team leverages NewsWhip to monitor real-time social engagements, predict story impact, and prevent the spread of disinformation.

Real-time insights on activations

“NewsWhip was a great addition with real-time stories and insights across a variety of topics informing content, activations, brand strategies, and on-property pull-through.”

Aynat Ravin

Head of M Live, Marriott

Launching a product

“If you’re going to launch a new product, you probably want to do a premortem, and why not use a tool like NewsWhip to say, 'Okay, we’ve come out with these risks, now let’s see, how do folks feel about this?' Whether it’s on the social vector scale of NewsWhip or the online news sources, and then you can start to go from there.”

Christopher Rivera

Director of Reputation & Risk, Samsung

Quantify your efforts

“I feel very confident that being able to quantify it, using tools we had and showing the team how big this really was and how much it was over indexing against an average or a norm, I think just it clicked, it immediately clicked.”

Michael Young

Global Insights Manager, Ford

NewsWhip in action


M&Ms spokes-candies

In this video, we look at how M&Ms indefinitely paused their spokes-candies following backlash from the public when the brand made changes and tried to make their mascot more inclusive.


Walgreens boycott

Earlier this year, #BoycottWalgreens trended on Twitter after stories surfaced about customers being denied birth control by pharmacists. We predicted how far the story might grow before it became a mainstream story.


Apple security issue

This year, Apple warned of a security flaw that is allowing hackers to seize control of its devices. We predicted the high impact this story would have and where the top reporting was going to come from.


OceanGate story conclusion and comparisons

We examined the recent OceanGate story that unfolded and gauged the media coverage compared to other incidents.


Joe Rogan and RFK Jr. Top Brands

We took a look at the brands that were pulled into the conversation around RFK Jr. and his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.


Brands blog made easy

Here’s a great example of how our Top People & Brands widget saves you time. Every month we report on the top brand coverage, and now we’re able to make that bigger, better, and more accurate than ever before.

Educational videos


What is NewsWhip Spike?

Welcome to the first video in the beginner’s learning path of NewsWhip Spike. In this video, we answer some questions about what it is and who is it for.


Predicted interactions

Here, we cover our powerful predicted interactions metric, explain how it works, and offer up some potential use cases for it.


Timeline widget

In this video, we cover what the timeline widget is, how to use it, and how to combine your timelines. By the end, you should feel confident using one of the key features in NewsWhip Spike.


Take your comms insights from hindsight to foresight

Learn how NewsWhip can help you be more proactive in your comms strategy and keep key stakeholders informed every step of the way