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Getting started with NewsWhip

Combine real-time feeds of web & social content with public engagement data, to identify & predict the content that matters


Key features in Spike


Real-time prediction

Focus on what’s going to matter in the hours ahead. Up-to-the-minute data that gives you predicted levels of public engagement for every story.


5 ways NewsWhip saves you time

Here are 5 ways NewsWhip Spike does that, so you get time back to focus on making the informed decisions that make a difference.


5 ways NewsWhip Spike gives you peace of mind

NewsWhip Spike is the real-time media monitoring tool that gives you clarity on what matters, so you can sleep easy at night knowing your brand reputation is safe.

NewsWhip in action


M&Ms spokes-candies

In this video, we look at how M&Ms have indefinitely paused their spokes-candies following backlash from the public when M&Ms made positive changes and tried to make their mascot more inclusive.


Walgreen’s Boycott

Earlier this year, #BoycottWalgreens trended on Twitter after stories surfaced about customers being denied birth control by pharmacists. We predicted how far the story might grow with more publishers now covering the issue.


Center Parcs

A look back at coverage of the news about Center Parcs closing for the Queen’s funeral

Educational videos


What is NewsWhip Spike?

Welcome to the first video in the beginner’s learning path of NewsWhip Spike. In this video, we answer some questions about what it is and who is it for.


Predicted interactions

We cover the powerful predicted interactions metric, explain how it works, and offer up some potential use cases for it.


Timeline widget

We cover what the timeline widget is, how to use it, as well as looking at how to combine timelines. By the end, you should feel confident using one of the key features in NewsWhip Spike.


Bring real-time media monitoring to your comms team

Learn how NewsWhip can help you take advantage of real-time media monitoring with a 15-minute call

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