Q3 2022

Holiday planning for 2022

Our latest report looks back at the 2021 holiday season and ahead to the 2022 holidays to see the content that saw the most engagement, and which brands were mentioned within that content.

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Turkey prices

The price of turkey was one of the narratives that stood out to the public, even though there have been relatively few articles published on the matter.

This was largely driven by two articles — one from the Wall Street Journal and one from the UK’s ITV — that each got thousands of engagements.

ITV’s article was actually framed around Christmas, but the details were the same as the Thanksgiving issues, with bird flu wiping out turkeys and driving up the price.

Public and media interest on turkey prices

Public interest

Media interest


Biggest brands mentioned

It’s common for candy brands to make headlines during the Halloween period, but this year it wasn’t just sweets and treats that drove engagement online.

By now it’s clear that Home Depot was the front runner when it comes to brands generating public interest, but it’s important to see how it compared to other brand stories, and note what stood out in each. 

Scrub Daddy snagged a spot among the top articles for a story about Halloween sponges in the shapes of ghosts, pumpkins and Frankenstein. Although overall there was less engagement to Scrub Daddy than the other brands, there were still 25 other articles written about the themed sponges.

Hershey found itself in the news for its candy, but not in the way we might expect. This year the company warned it might not be able to meet the demand for Halloween candy partially due to supply chain issues related to the Russia/Ukraine war. There were nearly 900 articles written about Hershey’s potential candy shortage, and it came in second to Home Depot in terms of engagement.

Timeline of Halloween engagement in 2022 so far

Public interest

Media interest

Totally The Bomb

Totally the Bomb was 2021’s most successful Halloween publisher, so we thought it worthwhile to see what’s been successful for the publisher this year so far.

There’s plenty of time still to go before Halloween of course, but the publisher already has plenty of content with tens of thousands of engagements talking about what brands have planned for the holiday.

Featured brands included Starbucks, McDonald’s, Home Depot, Dollar Tree, Lowe’s and many more as brands were the main focus of the publisher’s efforts when it came to Halloween.

The vast majority of the top content was driven by just two authors — Natalie Vitelli and Brittanie Pyper.

Top Totally the bomb Halloween content in 2022

Publisher Headline Engagements
totallythebomb.com Starbucks Has an Upside Down Ghost Mug Just in Time for Spooky Season 45,068
totallythebomb.com McDonald's Halloween Boo Buckets May Be Returning This Halloween Season. Here's What We Know. 23,069
totallythebomb.com Home Depot is Releasing A Life Size Demogorgon So You Can Turn Your Yard into The Upside Down 14,918
totallythebomb.com Target is Selling $10 Color Changing Ghost Lights and They Are Hauntingly Cute 13,153
totallythebomb.com Starbucks Released A Glow-in-The-Dark Studded Tumbler That Gives Off The Coolest Vibes 12,687
totallythebomb.com Mountain Dew's New Mystery VOO-DEW Flavor Is Back for Halloween. Can You Guess What It Is? 12,343
totallythebomb.com Scrub Daddy Has Halloween Sponges That Will Make Each Dish 'Spooky' Clean 11,809
totallythebomb.com Move Over Starbucks, Dunkin' Is Releasing Halloween Tumblers That Are Spooky Good 10,994
totallythebomb.com Lowe's is Selling Color-Changing Halloween Gnomes That Are Just Too Cute To Be Scary 7,983
totallythebomb.com Dollar Tree is Selling A Color Changing Cauldron and I'm On My Way 6,689

Thanksgiving: Recipes

Recipes are unsurprisingly a highlight of the coverage, with blogs seeing particular success with various foods and desserts.

Cranberries have been highly discussed, and the top article was about an author’s preference for canned cranberry sauce over homemade recipes. 

Pies and cakes have been among the top five so far, as was a homemade mac and cheese recipe and cranberry oatmeal bars.

Public and media interest in Thanksgiving recipes

Public interest

Media interest

Spotlight: Christmas Ads 2021

Every year, the United Kingdom has an informal competition for the best Christmas ad, with John Lewis and others regularly competing for the top spot.

Politico’s story went on to be the biggest article written about Roe v. Wade, earning over 946k engagements, which is nearly 4x higher than when it was officially overturned on June 24th. 

Other articles featured in the top five included one about a doctor’s perspective on abortion, and Nancy Pelosi being barred from Holy Communion over support for Roe v. Wade. 

Articles about Christmas ads in 2021

Publisher Headline Engagements
redstate.com Did Chevrolet Have to Make America Cry With Its New Christmas Ad? 1,448,582
westernjournal.com As We Drown in Wokeness, Chevy Rolled Out a Stirring All-American Christmas Commercial 253,812
theblaze.com Chevrolet debuts tear-jerking all-American commercial for Christmas — and racks up incredible number of views in just a few days 66,445
countrymusicnation.com New Chevy Christmas Ad Is Making Us All Cry 38,682
robbreport.com Santa Gets A Boyfriend In Emotional New Christmas Advert 34,236


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