Q2 2022

Summer Trends 2022

As we begin the shift into another season, it’s important to recognize how the news and public interest in content shared online is shaping our expectations for the summer ahead, from brands and politics to music and travel.

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Brands exit Russia

The ongoing invasion of Ukraine has led to pressure on brands to leave Russia as part of sanctions on the country, and several have done so.

Two of the most notable examples have been BP and Starbucks, both of which recently pledged to leave Russia after a number of years doing business in the country.

Though the Starbucks decision was relatively recent, coming at the end of May, the BP withdrawal came soon after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, amid pressure from activists for the oil giant to stop selling oil there.

While engagement to BP’s decision was slightly higher, Starbucks’ move also drove a lot of interest several months after the invasion from both the media and the public, showing just how influential the storyline is still, and how much the public is expecting companies to stand up and be counted amidst an ongoing invasion.

Media and public interest to Starbucks & BP exiting Russia

Public Interest

Media Interest


Unionization has been a hot topic for workers in the last twelve months or so, and it’s set to be a summer of even more unionizing, as Target and Trader Joe’s have been the latest brands to see workers at their stores organizing.

This is in addition to a number of successful union campaigns at well-known brands across the country, with the likes of Amazon and Starbucks perhaps the most high-profile of those.

A number of Starbucks stores have unionized in the last few months alone, and many more are in the works, much to the reported consternation of CEO Howard Schulz.

Meanwhile, an Amazon warehouse in New York became the first of its kind to unionize, and attracted lots of interest from the media and the public. This sent shockwaves all the way up to the halls of power in Washington D.C., where one of the organizers — Chris Smalls — was invited to speak before a committee.

Posts about unionization

XL croquette facebook post

Worker-led win at Amazon warehouse could provide new labor playbook

10.4k Facebook interactions

XL croquette facebook post

An Amazon warehouse in New York has successfully voted to unionize, the first of its kind

5.6k Facebook interactions

XL croquette facebook post

Labor groups move closer to recognition for Amazon unionization efforts

1.4k Facebook interactions

XL croquette facebook post

How to Build on the Union Victory at Amazon

1k Facebook interactions

Permanent travel

With remote work being swiftly adopted by many companies as the new normal, it’s become easier and sometimes cheaper for people to travel permanently throughout the year. 

Although working remotely has driven this idea for some, for others the ability to travel full-time developed due to how expensive it can be to own a home or pay rent. We’ve spotted trends such as living on a cruise ship for 50+ days at a time, to backpacking through different countries and only renting for short periods of time. 

Making a form of transportation a permanent home has extended beyond cruise ships, as some people have found themselves exploring the US while working full-time from a converted school bus.

As we progress further into the new ways of working Covid has created, and deal with an increased cost of living, the idea of permanent travel presents itself as a reality for many.

Posts about permanent travel

XL croquette facebook post

Couple lives permanently on cruise ships because it's cheaper than housing

20.8k Facebook interactions

XL croquette facebook post

A couple converted a $10,000 school bus into their dream home. they're exploring the US & working full-time.

7.8k Facebook interactions

XL croquette facebook post

I've lived in 7 countries over the last 18 months and it cost me less than staying home. Here's where I went & how I did it.

3k Facebook interactions

Spotlight: Blackpink

Last year, we wrote about how influential K-Pop group BTS have been for brands, and while they are still the biggest draw, there are other new players in the game in 2022.

BLACKPINK has dominated the headlines recently, and the girl group’s members have seen some highly successful collaborations as a result. JISOO was announced as a new brand partner of Cartier, while Rosé partnered with Tiffany & Co. for a campaign, both of which drove hundreds of thousands of engagements on Instagram,

Most engaged stories about BLACKPINK

Publisher Headline Engagements
rollingstone.com How Blackpink Went From Strangers to Sisters to Pop Supernovas 413,179
rollingstone.com Blackpink's Lisa on Her Big Ambitions -- and Why Going Solo Made Her Nervous 210,663
rollingstone.com Jennie on Blackpink's Unique Brand of Hip-Hop and What People Get Wrong About Her 159,621
rollingstone.com Blackpink's Jisoo on Fame, Mental Health, and (Maybe) Going Solo 137,747
rollingstone.com Rosé on the Power of Vulnerability and Why Blackpink Is Family 127,786


In-person events are well and truly back after an extended hiatus during the pandemic, and festivals were a huge part of that resurgence.

Coachella was back in April after a two-year break, and it dominated the headlines on its return, with more than 30k articles and 7 million engagements.

Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza will be hoping to follow suit and are already gaining interest for the summer. Both could be an interesting place for brands to experiment with sponsorships and experiential content as the world comes together to celebrate in-person once more.

Media and public interest to coachella


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