5 ways real-time media monitoring can help you measure brand reputation

September 22, 2022

Written by Kimberly Monitto

As prestigious a brand’s internal identity can feel to its workers, one unfortunate move externally can break its name down to nothing. Brands must be cognizant of their reputation, and the best way to do that is by using real-time media monitoring. 

With so much noise in the digital sphere, real-time media monitoring (RTMM) brings a sense of clarity and allows brands to easily track their status online. Brands can monitor the full digital media ecosystem, discovering new mentions, narratives, and posts within seconds so that they never fall behind. Beyond staying ahead, brands can predict the importance of these stories and identify emerging content and insights about their reputation that come as a result.  

Real-time media monitoring is a crucial aspect for brands looking to reach their full potential. But just how exactly can you measure brand reputation with RTMM? Let’s take a look at 5 different ways brands can use this vital strategy to find success.  

1. See how the public are engaging with your brand

Real-time media monitoring allows brands to track and monitor public interactions and opinions across all media channels. Unlike traditional media, RTMM allows brands to measure public interest when it comes to their online presence. By tracking earned and owned media, brands can see how they’re talked about and benefit by analyzing how the public is reacting to their issues or triumphs, responding in real time and avoiding any potential reputation backlash. 

2. Media interest

Along with public interest, brands can track the media interest in their stories. RTMM platforms invest in detailed monitoring of brand conversations on multiple social media platforms. From article features to Instagram Reels, brands will know which media sources are covering them in real time and on which specific channel. This makes it easier for brands to discover breaking news and quantify which of these stories matter for their reputation in the long run. 

3. What outlets, journalists, influencers are covering your brand

Stay on top of stories and make lasting connections with real-time media monitoring. By seeing which outlets, journalists, or other creators are talking about your brand, you can effectively detect and predict new opportunities. By using predictive data, real-time alerts, and advanced metrics, brands can accurately foresee the impact these outlets will have on their image. Brands can also take advantage of these reports and partner with certain outlets for future exposure. 

4. Types of engagements

Understand how others are seeing your brand with the exact type of engagements your brand is receiving. Measure likes, comments, and shares as they come in in real time to gauge public and media reactions. Look at which digital communities are talking about your brand and analyze their emotions, allowing you to react to what really matters.

5. Compare to other brands

RTMM also gives brands the advantage of comparing their metrics to other competitors. By using real-time content feeds to assess other brands, your brand can quantify which narratives are sinking them and create the perfect comms plan to avoid similar reception. Navigate through the digital sphere and use your competitors’ blunders to find the best place to land your message. 

Reputation management doesn’t have to be hard, and real-time media monitoring is a crucial aspect to brands staying in the know. From crisis control to predictive insights, this technology takes the guesswork out of reputation management and ultimately sets your brand up for success.

Want to learn more about real-time media monitoring for your brand? Check out NewsWhip Spike here.

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