Each of our clients is in a unique situation – different geographies, industries, problems and priorities. But we see patterns in the coronavirus-related problems you are facing, and in the best ways of solving them. 

I want to share five high-impact areas where your NewsWhip tools, used right, can drive smarter and more secure outcomes for you and your stakeholders. This post is specifically focused on our users in the world of communications, corporate strategy, and PR.

I hope these are helpful. If you’d like assistance on putting any of them into action – please reply directly and let me know. 

1. Use Prediction and Data to Filter COVID Signals from Noise

Tens of thousands of coronavirus stories appear each day. Also, with consumer digital news engagement at its highest ever, brand mentions are through the roof. With limited time and resources, how do you know which stories and narratives are worth paying attention to?

To solve this problem, many of our users have been using our predictive, real-time engagement metrics to filter out the high-impact ones quickly and efficiently. For example:

  • A European agency team used us to make clear to a client that a coronavirus-related story critical of their brand was going to blow up in the next few hours, and should not be ignored. 
  • Another team has set up a NewsWhip Slack alert for coronavirus-related stories that are published in their country and are predicted to break 2,500 Facebook engagements within 3 hours of publication. This gives them a jump on any story that’s going to have a big impact, before it gets there.
  • A North American agency sends twice daily, industry-specific newsletters to its clients. The team uses Spike’s velocity metric to find the fastest moving stories, giving them confidence that their reports always hit the most current notes.

2. Understand a Deluge of New Trends 

In a fully-virtual and digital world, new political, social, and cultural responses and trends are emerging at a fast clip: Zoom happy hours, sourdough baking, distributed dance parties, homeschooling. 

Many of these are of huge consequence for your clients or stakeholders, and our users often find they need to become an expert in these new phenomena within minutes.

Here, simple solutions are best. Plug a new trend into Spike, and see which stories about it are garnering attention, which publishers and authors are covering it, which social accounts are sharing it, which brands are being mentioned, and which stories are predicted to go big over the next 24 hours.

You can understand the trend, and even where it’s going. As one user put it, in this situation Spike can let you say “right, let’s jump in and get to work” rather than “where do I even start?”

You can also dig into some trends in our report on cultural responses to coronavirus, published earlier this week.

3. Find Data to Support Pro-Social Action by Companies

Many of you are advising companies that want to take action to support frontline workers, support their global teams, and otherwise do the right thing. But many companies also want to analyze potential blowback and second-order effects from a misstep if their plan doesn’t work out, or is criticized as clumsy or badly executed.

Here, our comparative data has given a solid foundation for strategic guidance. Advisors to companies facing this situation in three different industries have done the following:

  • Gathered and quantified all coverage of steps and actions taken by industry peers
  • Analyzed wider engagement with stories about their industry, revealing perceptions and entrenched narratives
  • Quantified any “blowback” stories versus positive, in total engagement in their industry
  • Analyzed adjacent industries, and engagement with stories about actions taken there

With a solid data foundation, you can give a more confident prediction on how a situation will play out. With that, you can win over stakeholders and make the right decision for your company. 

4. Monitor Audience Response in Dozens of Countries

NewsWhip can help you easily track how a campaign or action taken in response to the coronavirus is playing out in dozens of markets, in real time.

For example, last week a major brand took very high profile steps to support frontline and emergency workers across Europe. They could easily see the impact of this action across Europe in real time, both in the story being reported, but also in it being shared and engaged with by the very frontline workers it was designed to support. They generated a full cross-European report of the successful campaign with NewsWhip Analytics.

With Analytics, you can quickly filter stories from publications specific to a country. We’ve also pulled in top predicted stories across a number of those countries in our COVID-19 Live Story Tracker. Also – our Research Center produces long-form reports for key regions including the UK and Singapore, in addition to our existing US report – all accessible at our resource center here

5. Get Beyond COVID

What is the world like beyond the pandemic? Several of our users have found “NOT” Boolean searches very helpful to find all the other trends that are still out there beyond COVID-19 each day. 

For example, one team in Asia wanted to see if post-COVID news cycles and narratives were emerging, which stories seemed to get engagement, and whether these were still indirectly related to coronavirus. They could do so with simple Boolean searches in Spike, for short term trends, and Analytics for a deeper dive.

As the dust settles in a rearranged world, we hope that our data can help you quantify what that world looks like. 

When You Need Help…

All of the above insights are just a few clicks away. But please, if we can help in any way, reach out in-app or by email to us. The frontline Customer Success team and our Research Center have seen many more patterns in the storm, and are eager to help. 

If you’re uncertain of where to reach out for support, please contact me directly.

Once again – to sign up for our daily COVID-19 briefing, or access all our other reports (including global, US, UK, and Singapore), please visit our COVID-19 Resource Center

Thank you and we wish you the very best for the coming weeks. 

Paul Quigley
CEO, NewsWhip