Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

As COVID-19 upends the world, communicators and journalists have a crucial role in the response. NewsWhip has launched various initiatives aimed at making our data accessible to those who need it.


Sign up to the COVID-19 Daily Briefing

A daily briefing predicting the top stories of the morning & highlighting key trends over the last day.


View the COVID-19 Live Story Tracker

See a live view of the COVID-19 stories that NewsWhip predicts will garner the most engagement today.


View our COVID-19 data in PRovoke

“Comms in Coronavirus: What the Data Says”, written by NewsWhip CEO and Founder, Paul Quigley

Weekly COVID-19 trends report – UK

Weekly COVID-19 trends report – Singapore

Cultural Response to COVID-19 report

Our latest coronavirus blogs

Coverage of COVID-19 on the Web and Social report

NewsWhip Spike’s discover section categorizes COVID-19’s top stories

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