As of this week, we are excited to announce that Instagram will be back in our platform with immediate effect. 

Hi NewsWhip users,

Yesterday morning, we launched our official rollout of Instagram monitoring in NewsWhip Spike.

We’re thrilled to be launching this. The population of Instagram has topped one billion, and its relevance to professionals in media and communications has exploded. From an initial userbase focused on lifestyle, travel, fashion, and beauty, it has become a vital part of the wider media ecosystem.

Instagram in NewsWhip Spike

The goal of our Instagram integration is to enable our users to find the most important and engaging Instagram content – faster than any other available method.

To accomplish this, we monitor the output of thousands of brand, media, professional, and influencer accounts. We then calculate the real-time engagement with every single piece of content, revealing objects of interests and trends.

For those used to using social listening, our integration will be different to what you’ve seen before: it places content front and center, puts no limit on the number of searches you can run, and clearly links all content with a creator, location, and topic.

Our universe of coverage starts with a few thousand accounts, but will grow substantially in the coming weeks.

We look forward to learning all the ways you can put this Instagram integration to work. Below are some use cases we’ve identified with which you can get started: 

Discover breaking news and inspiration

Our new search functionality will make it easy for you to monitor breaking news, responses to stories, and any major sports or cultural events.  Simply search for the keywords.

Even if you are not concerned with real-time events, you can stay on top of the new format developments and inspirations in your own area of interest by monitoring panels of relevant accounts. Get it right more often via insight and lessons from what is working for others.

Study competitive content to refine your own strategy

Our integration makes it simple to explore which content and formats perform best for your competitors. This can help benchmark. It can also help answer perennial questions: Do nature pictures do particularly well for my brand, or do they perform positively for everyone in my industry? Is engagement with video versus photos similar for competitors? You can compare the results on screen, or export for analysis.

Our Instagram data also allows you to identify leaders – those producing the most engaging content in any topic area, and examine, post by post, exactly what they are doing well, right down to the shape of their distribution curves post-publication.

Monitor how influencers are discussing a given topic

Do you wish to see how influencers are talking about your brand or a topic that you’re interested in? Simply enter a search term and we’ll surface any mention of that word over the designated time frame from accounts in our database.

Plus, of course, the integration allows you to monitor how the conversation is progressing on Instagram, and the extent to which influential accounts are talking about a particular topic.

Get set up

We’re rolling this update out to all our users over the coming weeks as our coverage of the Instagram universe expands. If you want to get access as soon as possible, please let us know here.

Paul Quigley

Paul Quigley is CEO of NewsWhip, a technology that empowers helps the world’s leading publishers and brands to predict and understand the stories that will engage their audiences. Paul founded NewsWhip in 2011 to “find the most interesting stories in the world”. Each day its platform is used by thousands of journalists, marketers, and communicators in 30 countries to spot opportunities and deepen their understanding of what stories will engage audiences, and why.

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