We’ve revamped our API, so that you can get open access to our unrivaled, patented social data. With our API, you can use NewsWhip’s database of human engagement across every social network since 2015 to build your own apps and supercharge your internal analysis tools. 

At our core, NewsWhip’s platforms track the social performance of all content that appears online and on major social networks. Our patented technology predicts the trajectory of stories based on the rate at which they’ve collected engagement over time, and helps publishers and brands identify long-term audience trends.

Our powerful database powers a suite of products that help you analyze stories in real-time and over the long term: NewsWhip Spike and NewsWhip Analytics. Spike and Analytics give our customers an easy way to access our data, and use it to inform editorial decisions and content strategy.

But what if you wanted to use NewsWhip’s patented data in a different way? To customize how you view and search NewsWhip data, or to use it to power your own app? The NewsWhip API makes this possible, and is how our customers use our patented data to accomplish company-specific goals, do better internal reporting, and create entirely new apps and services.

The NewsWhip API is the mechanism that allows users to get their hands on the raw data that’s used to power NewsWhip products. With our API, users can create your custom views and tools tailored to specific needs.

Customers like the Associated Press use the API to apply NewsWhip’s patented metrics to AP stories, and trace their impact across the globe in a customized dashboard. Other customers like social networking app Commentts use the NewsWhip API to power their own app, and deliver the best experience for their users.

The NewsWhip API puts the interface and range of possible uses right into users’ hands. From tracking competitor social performance, to aggregating trending stories in real time — the ways you can use NewsWhip data are limitless with our API.

But what exactly is an API? How does it let users customize the way they view and use NewsWhip data? In this blog post, we’ll delve into how our API works, and how it helps publishers and brands create custom solutions for their biggest challenges.

What is an API?

Very simply, an Application Programming Interface is a language that computers use to talk to each other. The most commonly used APIs are Facebook and Google Maps. For example, apps that allow you to login through Facebook — rather than creating a new account — are using an API.

In the case of the NewsWhip API, our customers ask the question, and NewsWhip answers by sending our data as the response.

What kind of APIs does NewsWhip offer?

NewsWhip offers two distinct APIs, that give you the capabilities of our two core products, NewsWhip Spike and NewsWhip Analytics:

  1. A real-time API for trending stories that mirrors NewsWhip Spike
  2. A historical API for content analytics that mirrors NewsWhip Analytics

The NewsWhip real-time API

Our real-time API ranks the world’s most engaging content as it breaks. Our customers use this API to find stories that are trending right now, discover emerging content, and fuel their editorial planning and production. Users can drill down by topic — like the Super Bowl or Politics — to see which stories are spreading fastest in real time.

For example, a customer might send this API request: “Give me the top trending stories talking about the Super Bowl in the past 48 hours, ranked by highest social engagements.” The NewsWhip API would then respond with a list of the top Super Bowl stories from the past two days, ranked in order of social performance.

The NewsWhip historical API

NewsWhip’s historical API gives customers more flexible access to the stories and topics that drive engagement in specific verticals over the long term. It also allows quick and easy gathering of aggregate data from domains or Facebook pages over time. Our customers use this API to benchmark their content performance, analyze engagement trends, and identify the publishers and sites that are influencing audiences.

For example, a customer might send the API request: “Show me the top English language publishers that created the best performing content around the Presidential Election over the past 3 months.” The NewsWhip API would then respond with a list of the top publisher domains filtered and ranked by the request criteria.

How have customers used our NewsWhip’s API?

To create their own internal dashboards and views for:

  • Content discovery
  • Trending news
  • Competitor analysis
  • Story performance and analytics
  • Content strategy
  • Content recommendation

To build customer-facing websites and apps:

  • News aggregator apps
  • Social networking apps
  • Widgets for trending topics
  • Handset device apps

To integrate our data with their own enterprise software and tools:

  • Content management systems
  • Data visualisation tools
  • Content tracking tools

NewsWhip’s API in action

New social networking app Commentts set out to redefine the way users consume news and react to trending headlines. Commentts allows users to express their opinions on news through photos and memes, and see the creative ways their friends are reacting as well.

But in order to give their users the best experience, Commentts needed a feed of real-time, trending stories. Commentts needed to know which stories their users would want to comment on, and deliver them through the Commentts app as soon as they were published.

Commentts had tried other API providers to supply a feed of relevant news stories, but found they didn’t have the breadth of coverage or trending analysis Commentts needed. Sammy Najar, Co-Founder and CEO of Commentts, said that changed when Commentts tried out the NewsWhip API. 

“When we came across NewsWhip, we were skeptical because of our previous experiences with other providers. It was such a pleasant surprise. The content was extremely broad and the coverage was amazing. Through NewsWhip, we finally found a provider that was able to give us both the news and the flexibility of customization,” said Sammy.

Using NewsWhip’s real-time API, which mirrors the trending content found in our Spike dashboard, Commentts can surface which stories will perform well on the web and resonate with their users. NewsWhip’s patented social scoring method filters out the stories most likely to go viral today.

Social Media Integrations

“NewsWhip’s scores allow us to pinpoint the most relevant pieces of content for our users. The most unique features of the API are the NewsWhip scores, the geographic coverage, the flexibility of coverage, and the granular categorization of news,” said Sammy.

With NewsWhip, Commentts is able to deliver the optimum custom experience their users have come to expect.

You can read the full case study here.

Learn More

Our API product team is rapidly building out new features — such as real-time trending “entities” (people, places, and things popular right now), and predictive data.

If you think our API can help you, get in touch with the team at api@newswhip.com. We offer short free trials of the API for testing purposes.

For more information check out our API product page here.

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