“Commentts is a platform for people who want to express themselves - NewsWhip enables us to give them the raw material they want."

Company size: 25-100 employee
Industry: Social Networking
Sammy Najar, CEO and Co-Founder
CHALLENGE: How can you access the most recent and relevant news stories in real time?


Commentts is a social networking app that allows users to express their thoughts and opinions about news with customizable photos, memes, and designs. Using Commentts, fans can create personalized reactions to the most popular, trending news each day.


But in order to give users that experience, Commentts needed a tool that would give them access to the stream of constantly updating news published every hour. Not only did they need news stories from hundreds of website to flow seamlessly into their app, they needed to filter out the best and highest-performing stories, to serve Commentts users with exactly what they wanted to talk about.

"We built Commentts with the objective of redefining how people consume the news and more specifically, how they comment on trending headlines. To deliver the experience we wanted for our users, it was fundamental to have the best trending news in the app."


Sammy Najar, CEO and Co-Founder

In order to get the best stories fed into the Commentts app, CEO and Co-Founder Sammy Najar looked to news providers to give them access to a live feed of trending news. Najar says they prototyped versions of the Commentts app with major names in the media industry, but none could provide a clear signal of what news their audience would care about.

"When we came across NewsWhip, we were skeptical because of our previous experiences with other providers. It was such a pleasant surprise. The content was extremely broad and the coverage was amazing.“

"Through NewsWhip, we finally found a provider that was able to give us both the news and the flexibility of customization.“

Sammy Najar, CEO and Co-Founder

The NewsWhip API provides Commentts with access to NewsWhip’s unique raw social data – so that they can easily integrate new stories and their corresponding social scores into the Commentts dashboard.


With NewsWhip’s patented social velocity and prediction scores, the Commentts team can use data on which stories are spreading fastest and most likely to go viral today to provide their users with the most interesting content.


Commentts then feeds the most relevant stories from a wide array of pop topics and regions into their app’s customized interface.


Using the NewsWhip API, Commentts has the flexibility to access a wide range of social data on stories from across the globe, fully categorized by topics, locations and languages.

"NewsWhip scores allow us to pinpoint the most relevant pieces of content for our users. The most unique features of the API are the NewsWhip scores, the geographic coverage, the flexibility of coverage, and the granular categorization of news. “

Sammy Najar, CEO and Co-Founder

As social media becomes a bigger and bigger part of how people consume and interact with news, Commentts is looking to draw in more followers and expand their presence on social platforms. With NewsWhip, they’re creating the custom experiences their users have come to expect.


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