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Master Political Campaigning On Social With NewsWhip’s Politics Whitepaper

By   |   August 19th, 2016   |   Reading time: 2 minutes Communications & PR

Our new Politics Whitepaper shows you how to master social media and strategy for political campaigns.

Over halfway into the year, 2016 is proving to be an eventful year in politics. Between the US presidential election, Brexit, and ongoing debate around movements such as Black Lives Matter, politics discussion is dominating the social airwaves.

Politicians and campaigners are themselves playing a significant part in the social conversation. While publishers have traditionally always seen huge engagement around political content, the advent of social media allows politicians to converse with voters and audiences much more directly.

Social has become an integral part of the communications toolkit for those planning, managing, and implementing campaigns. Real-time platforms such as Twitter have contributed to a faster news cycle, making it all the more imperative for candidates and politicians to stay on top of emerging stories and issues.

This has huge advantages – politicians can seem remote and distanced from voters, but social helps to bridge that gap. It provides a forum for listening and learning and gives voters a more direct way of communicating with their representatives.

Screenshot of the subreddit SandersforPresident

Yet, social can be difficult to do well. Translating a particular campaign to a social platform is challenging – in addition to identifying the target audience, it’s vital to figure out which channels they use and adapt the campaign or message to fit it. Each social platform has a distinct ethos and the right content format and language can make all the difference to a campaign’s success.

This is where our White Paper on Political Communications on Social comes in. Using NewsWhip Spike and NewsWhip Analytics, we’ve taken an extensive look at how politicians and politics publishers are using social media. Using this, we’ve identified the key trends and tactics, analysed the most successful strategies, and learned which platforms work best for which campaigns.

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Download the white paper for free now and learn:

  • The distinct opportunities offered by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube
  • The significance of Facebook video
  • How to structure a campaign across different platforms
  • The valuable insight provided by different metrics – from shares to comments
  • How to measure, refine, and adapt strategy over time

And remember, you can trial NewsWhip Spike for free, getting access to the biggest political stories, authors, and influencers in real-time.


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