The Biggest LinkedIn Publishers of January 2014

Following on from our posts on the biggest Twitter and Facebook publishers of last month, we present the biggest LinkedIn publishers of last month, from Forbes to Wired.

Top LinkedIn Publishers, January 2014

Although Forbes didn’t manage to add to their December high of 320,000 LinkedIn shares, they continue to perform very strongly with their business-focussed content. They’re still well out in front, with over 250,000 shares during the month. Almost every other publisher in the top ten chart managed to bump up their shares. The New York Times went from 158,000 to just under 180,000, while the BBC broke 80,000 shares.

Inside the top 25, there’s a lot more fluidity to the rankings than what we see with Twitter. The Huffington Post slipped from fourth to eighth over the month, while the Washington Post climbed from 16th spot to 20th.

Further down the list, there are some new additions since December. The Financial Times will no doubt be pleased at their entry in 24th spot, and tech sites GigaOm and Wired also make appearances. Meanwhile, Quartz and NPR slipped out of the top 25 altogether.

Breaking news and funny lists don’t go down as well on LinkedIn as they do on Facebook. Many of the top-performing stories on the network last month were evergreen pieces, such as Elite Daily’s list of ‘20 Things That Mentally Strong People Don’t Do‘, and Forbes’ list of bad parenting behaviours. It seems as though listicles do just as well on LinkedIn as everywhere else – as long as the content fits.

Check out the top 25 LinkedIn publishers below, and feel free to download the data yourself. All figures come from Spike, our pro content discovery tool, which helps journalists and marketers all over the world find important stories before anyone else.

Data is for English language publishers only, for content published during January. If you have any questions about our coverage, please email us on spike@newswhip.com.

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