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Chetan Patel,

SVP, Publishing & Insights

Native Publishing
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Spike ensures that everyone gets out of work at a reasonable hour because we never miss the big stuff.

CHALLENGE: How can publishers find and react to emerging stories before the crowd?

NowThis, part of Group Nine properties, is truly a new media darling.

Having recently arrived to take on the news giants, using social media only distribution, NowThis now enjoys over 2.5 billion video views a month, across its easily digestible, video content.

Having grown 10x in the last year, in a hugely competitive market, we asked SVP of Publishing & Insights, Chetan Patel, how he and colleagues use NewsWhip Spike to get ahead of the competition and deliver big results.

Corporations have a pretty good handle on the issues that pertain to their industry. Traditionally their blind spot has been the issues that pertain to society at large, cultural issues, things of that nature. And that runs from gun rights to reproductive rights, anything that can precipitate risks to reputation, from outraged consumers to employee activism.

We were flattered to hear that Spike is a crucial tool in his workflow, hard-baked into his daily routines and giving him and his colleagues more precise direction in their story selection.

NewsWhip Spike offers a bottom-up view of social signals and engagement trends, which enables NowThis to discover hit viral stories first and report breaking news, in their own style.

“I use Spike to discover or confirm trending stories. It’s constantly on or in the background or up on a side screen. It really helps to confirm and prioritize what we do. We are a small newsroom so it’s important to know what we should lend resources too.”

Since using Spike, not only does Chetan’s agile team gain an edge finding emerging stories, but they can swiftly react if and when any of these stories grows to become a giant. This helps with discovery, selection and coverage, all the way through the story life cycle.

Due to helping news professionals like Chetan, NewsWhip’s Spike dashboard is at the core of newsrooms and publishers, large and small.

Download the full NowThis Case Study.

If you’d like to explore putting NewsWhip to work for your brand or agency, please get in touch with us here.

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