“Spike is an essential tool for our brand newsroom."

Company size: 5,000+ employees
Industry: Marketing & Advertising
Chung Chao, Strategist
CHALLENGE: How can brands spot content opportunities and audience trends in real time?


NewsWhip client and global media and marketing agency DigitasLBi truly operates at the bleeding edge of digital marketing.


With ever rising standards of content and marketing, DigitasLBi is always looking for new ways to help their clients gain an edge and capitalize on the social web.


Where to find the most fertile campaign and content themes? How to find them first?


In search of such an edge, Chung and colleagues started using NewsWhip Spike, to assist their clients with social listening and real-time marketing.


Since then, Spike has become a core part of their famous BrandLIVE social hub, helping generate campaign and content ideas for clients, track performance and generally monitor engagement trends amongst clients’ audiences.

"We have a dedicated Spike screen in our social hub – BrandLIVE. This way, everybody can spot trending news items much quicker. Also, we start the day off with going through the news and Spike is the first tool to help us filter relevant topics."


Chung Chao, Strategist

Spike is helping DigitasLBi execute better media monitoring around their clients’ brands. With Spike’s insights Chung and his team can more quickly react to relevant stories and use social engagement data to inform campaign planning.


Chung says one of their clients – a Dutch insurance company – is always looking for stories about damages or accidents. With Spike, DigitasLBi can find the most popular funny damages stories to feed back to the client, as soon as they start to gain traction.

"Often our client tends to think inside-out, while social media helps us to give an extra voice of reason from the consumers. Also, the real-time news monitoring helps us spot relevant stories concerning their brand(s) before they spot it themselves.

Oh, did we forget to mention hours of valuable time saved? I would say we save three hours a day using Spike.“

Chung Chao, Strategist

Similar to other brands and agencies, DigitasLBi has hard-baked NewsWhip Spike into its workflow, to:
  • Do better media monitoring
  • Listen more smartly to social media
  • And, deliver smarter and more engaging campaigns and real-time marketing communications

As always, we’re flattered to be able to help.

"Spike is an essential tool for our brand newsroom.“

Chung Chao, Strategist

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