The top publishers on Facebook in Mexico for 2023

May 3, 2023

Written by Kimberly Monitto

Every month we look at the top publishers on Facebook in both the US and UK. Though these locations are quite successful in terms of engagement, there are so many other countries where Facebook is a powerhouse of a platform.

This month, we limited our searches to our neighbor, Mexico — where there are currently 92.7M users online using the platform regularly — to see which publishers have had the most engagement in 2023. 

Here are the key takeaways we found:

  • Milenio soars above the rest in our publisher rankings
  • Celebrity gossip has consistently been a favorite topic since January
  • Facebook pages centered around women are climbing up the charts

The top publishers on Facebook in 2023 in Mexico

The top web publishers in Mexico in 2023, ranked by Facebook engagement

One Mexican website has been miles ahead of the rest during these past months. Milenio, a major national publication whose physical newspapers are published all around Mexico, had 22M interactions. The publisher covers breaking news, television, politics, culture, and opinion pieces. Following behind came Las Estrellas, a sister publication website of the Mexican television network by the same name (13.6M), El Universal, which is based in Mexico City (13.2M), and Heraldo de Mexico, a daily Mexican news source which was relaunched in 2017 (11.6M). 

One article that generated a lot of buzz from the top publisher was about a school official prohibiting cell phones, dyed hair, and courtships in their school. The controversial news had the public defending both sides of the argument, and earned over 257k engagements. They also saw 145.8k engagements on their article about a boy who played hide and seek and was found in a new country

Obviously, the variety of stories between a more celebrity-based publication like Las Estrellas and more traditional news sources like El Universal and Heraldo de Mexico is a bit skewed, but nevertheless, each publication had a few popular posts. 

Las Estrellas’ top two stories covered the deaths of a young Mexican singer (160.3k) and a celebrated Mexican actress (124.8k). El Universal’s top post focused on forgetful metro users (145.7k), while Heraldo de Mexico highlighted a chemistry teacher who has enamored Tik Tok users (79.9k). Though Las Estrellas had a significantly lower article count than other top publishers, their content continued to lead in interactions. 

The top pages on Facebook in 2023 in Mexico

The top Facebook Pages in Mexico in 2023, ranked by engagement

We also took a look at the top Facebook pages in 2023, and similar to what we found in France, pages that centered around sports took up the first, third, and eighth spots on the charts. Somos Invictos, Récord Mexico, and La Gambeta Sports were some of the most popular pages we found.  

Neck and neck with meme page Anto Zamora, Somos Invictos (we are undefeated) edged out the competition by a little over 1M interactions. With 78.9M engagements, the page has gained followers by posting about Messi and Ronaldo and professional athletes of Mexican descent. Récord’s posts focused on a more diverse range of sports, while La Gambeta is strictly focused on soccer. 

Another trend we found was that of pages dedicated to women. Ok Chicas and Soy Carmen held the sixth and tenth spots on the chart, while Nueva Mujer took the third spot on the chart with over 40M engagements since the start of the year. Their most recent posts include Mother’s Day gifts, women succeeding in the music industry, and support for Shakira

The lesson from all of this is that while there are some similarities, there is always a local aspect to what does well on Facebook, at both the country and region level, so it’s important to maintain an understanding of the media landscape everywhere your company does business. 

Want more international publisher rankings? Check out our most recent blog on France

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