These were the top publishers in Singapore for 2022

December 13, 2022

Written by Kimberly Monitto

As we head into the New Year, we looked back on the top publishers in Singapore throughout an exciting 2022. 

Our rankings are determined by using NewsWhip’s Spike and API technology, which accumulates the aggregated likes, shares, and comments on content produced by outlets in the rankings. 

Let’s dive into the data.

The top website publishers in Singapore during 2022

chart of top publishers in singapore

The Straits Times, an English-language daily broadsheet newspaper, sat comfortably atop the top websites chart with 14.4M engagements during the year., which was only launched in 2014, followed behind with 12.7M engagements, while (CNA) rounded out the top three with 11.5M engagements. 

A common theme amongst these three publications is that they are primarily in English. Considering the data and English being one of the country’s main four languages, multilingual publications fared well in 2022. 

The Straits Times success was due in part by a variety of stories published. Their top story was about a Ukrainian Zoo and how it has dealt with Russian attacks (93k), while the rest of the top three  articles included bits about a Back To The Future reunion (26.9k), and a bride using her father’s taxi on her wedding day (24.6k). Their versatility proved successful when it came to interactions throughout the year. 

Mothership saw similar variety in stories, and their articles individually had more interactions than The Straits Times. Their top three articles included stories about a retired Air Force pilot dying in Ukrainian combat (106k), a Thai man and his daughter struggling to afford meals (48.5k), and Japanese aquarium animals dealing with cheaper food due to inflation (40k). 

​​CNA had the most interactions on their Singapore-specific articles. Their top story was about Singapore fighting climate change with sustainability (41k), followed by two debriefs on local (35.6k) and imported (21k) monkeypox cases. 

The fourth and eighth top websites, and, produce primarily Mandarin-written pieces, the only on the list to do so. 

The top articles in Singapore during 2022

chart of top articles in SIngapore
Singapore’s top articles maxed at 109k engagements, going to Yahoo’s Asian style site on an article about Johnny Depp returning to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. As we saw before, Mothership’s article about an air force vet dying in combat came in second with 106k engagements, followed by The Straits Times top article about the Ukrainian zoo with 93k. 

Surprisingly, the fourth most engaged article in 2022 comes from a personal blog. Blogger Sandra Moore scored 70k engagements on her article about converting family memories to digital. Other articles on the charts included narratives about Elon Musk, Queen Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Olsen

The main theme for engagement success in Singapore this year was versatility and diversity of stories. Come 2023, it would be wise for most publishers to diversify their portfolios in order to find a surplus of interactions. 

Interested in other website rankings? Check out our October Facebook rankings here.

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