These were the top posts on Reddit in July 2022

August 30, 2022

Written by Benedict Nicholson

Welcome back to another edition of our Reddit rankings for July 2022, where once again we looked back at the top communities, posts, and link posts of the month. 

Here are some of the key takeaways for this month.

  • r/MadeMeSmile held steady as the biggest rival for r/memes
  • Sporting events and cultural moments generated a huge amount of discussion
  • The top link posts were dominated by political discussions

Let’s look a little deeper at the data. 

The top communities in July 2022

As has become tradition, r/memes was the top community, though it was closer this month than it has been in previous months. 

Chart showing the top communities on Reddit in July 2022, ranked by score

The r/memes community was only three million or so upvotes ahead of r/MadeMeSmile, while in June that number was closer to seven million. The top ten communities were largely similar though in a different order in positions 6-10 than the previous month. 

For r/memes, the top posts were about lofi studying, with the top post about a lofi girl going into an exam (189k) and the second about the lofi beats stream being taken down due to a copyright strike (147k). The third most popular post was about the video game Just Dance (105k). 

In r/MadeMeSmile, the top posts were about a baseball player nearly stealing a bat-retrieving dog’s job (213k), a wife arranging a private concert for her husband (189k), and a Christian lawyer giving an impassioned speech about his transgender daughter (178k). 

In terms of the most commented communities, AskReddit was the big one again. 

Chart showing the most commented communities on Reddit in July 2022, ranked by comments

Discussions in the community included quite a lot of music, with two posts discussing it. The first was about the saddest song people had heard (51k comments), while the second asked the community what song people were currently obsessed with (37k). 

Other highlights included a discussion around which video games are masterpieces (44k), American things people don’t realize are American (37k), and which cars encourage negative assumptions onto their owners (34k). Top answers to the last question included multiple mentions of Dodge Rams, as well as Hummers and (specifically) silver Mercedes.

The top posts on Reddit in July 2022

The top posts on Reddit were dominated by r/MadeMeSmile and r/memes.

Table showing the top Reddit posts in July 2022, ranked by score

Overall, the top posts had slightly lower scores than they did in June, but still numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

We’ve already covered many of these but some of the others included a woman realizing men text back between rounds of playing video games (201k), a full-color image from the Webb Space Telescope (182k), and a pizza delivery driver who saved a family from a fire.

Once again, an F1 post was the most commented one, with a discussion about the British Grand Prix having more than 50,000 comments. Much of the conversation was driven by a terrible accident involving driver Zhou Guanyu, who emerged from the crash with minor injuries.

Table showing the most commented Reddit posts in July 2022, ranked by comments

Sports and music made up many of the top discussions that didn’t come from r/AskReddit, with r/MMA, r/Music, and r/formula1 all featuring in the top ten posts. 

The top link posts on Reddit in July 2022

Of course, link posts offer something slightly different, as they tend to be more news-oriented.

Table showing the top Reddit link posts in July 2022, ranked by score

In July, the top post was about celebrity voice acting, and involved a plea to bring back professional voice actors rather than having celebrities voice characters. 

While it was not the top individual posts, the top article came from the Houston Chronicle, which featured in both the second and third posts, in two different communities. It featured a woman pulled over for driving in the HOV lane who said that given new legislation, her pregnancy meant there were two people in the car. 

r/worldnews also made a mark, with Boris Johnson’s resignation and Shinzo Abe’s assassination both featuring as prominent news stories.

Table showing the most commented Reddit link posts in July 2022, ranked by comments

The most commented posts tended to be more political than the top rated ones, with discussions about upcoming elections, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and the Abe assassination all featuring prominently.

Overall then, it was a slightly quieter month on Reddit, with a slight drop in engagement, though this is something we’ve also seen on other networks including Facebook over the summer months. 

If you’d like to see what’s happening on other social networks, you can check out our Facebook rankings here.

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