These were the top communities on Reddit in June 2022

July 28, 2022

Written by Haley Corzo

Once again r/memes took the top spot in the June edition of our Reddit rankings, easily beating out the competition for the top community on the platform. 

Here are some key takeaways from our findings:

  • r/memes held its ground as the top community
  • The scores of the top communities were lower in June
  • Politics was a high driver of discussion on the platform

Let’s take a look at the data.

The highest scoring Reddit communities of June 2022

As we mentioned above, r/memes was comfortably at the top of the highest scoring communities on the platform, and was the only community to surpass a score (number of upvotes minus downvotes) of 20 million.

chart of highest scoring communities

Compared to what we saw in May’s rankings, the overall scores of the top 10 communities were slightly lower, although r/MadeMeSmile and r/shitposting were still able to comfortably defend their second and third spots on the chart. 

The top piece of content for r/memes compared the fears you have as a kid to the ones you have as an adult (150k), with other contenders being a post about the planet (147k), and a joke about when moms are in a bad mood (143k).

Other top posts from the top communities featured a student who was late to class answering a question correctly in seconds (r/nextfuckinglevel), a video of filmmaker and actor Stephen Chow (r/Unexpected), and a post about a pet lizard in a 7-Eleven (r/shitposting).  

Unsurprisingly, r/AskReddit was the most commented community once again, even increasing its lead over the second place community. 

chart of most commented communities

The top discussion topics in r/AskReddit included asking how people felt about Roe v. Wade being overturned, and what you would sell if your username was a company.

June saw a bit of rearranging among the most commented communities, with r/politics jumping up five spots to push r/nba into third place. This is likely to be a result of increased conversations around Roe v. Wade in the community, and a discussion about the Jan. 6 public hearings.

But what do the top posts overall look like?

Top posts on Reddit in June 2022

chart of top Reddit posts

Interestingly enough, the top community didn’t have the top post overall in June. In fact, only two of the top communities had posts that featured on the chart above. r/aww not only snagged the top post, but had three among the top 10.

The highest scoring individual post was about a man who was “ambushed” by a group of kittens when trying to rescue only one. r/aww also had a post following up on the man trying to rescue kittens, and a funny video of a cat and dog lying down together.

For the most commented posts, Roe v. Wade was at the top of the charts, with the same discussion post from r/AskReddit we mentioned earlier. Roe v. Wade featured two more times in the top 10, with posts in r/politics and r/news.

chart of most commented posts

The rest of the pack was a mix of different topics, with a thread about the NBA finals, a Dungeons and Dragons giveaway, and a post about finding friends for Pokemon Go raids all receiving notable amounts of comments. 

Similar to last month, the majority of the top posts were videos, while the most commented were text posts, with a couple exceptions. 

The top link posts on Reddit in May 2022

Link posts, while often scoring slightly less than the video and image posts, are still important to explore to better understand how news travels across the platform.

chart of top link posts

Roe v. Wade and abortion news in general was responsible for half of the top 10 link posts in June, all but one scoring over 100k. Other topics of interest included the verdict of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial, the banning of confederate flags, and a teacher who survived the Uvalde shooting commenting on the police response.

most commented link posts

The most commented link posts were made up of several of the same mainstream news publishers as the top posts, including the Associated Press, CNN, and Newsweek. r/news’s post about Roe v. Wade had the most comments by far, showing that the topic was top of mind in discussion in June. 

If you’d like to read our latest Facebook publisher rankings for June, you can do that here.

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