Netflix, comms crises, and Elon Musk’s Twitter offer: Daily Spotlights for the week of April 18th

April 22, 2022

Written by Haley Corzo

Welcome to the NewsWhip Daily spotlight round-up for the week of April 18th. This week, Netflix faces a loss in subscribers and a stock price crash.

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Apr 18th: Companies accused of profiteering from inflation

Inflation is something we’ve covered repeatedly in this newsletter and beyond, but one aspect that has begun to resonate more recently with people is companies being accused of profiteering and achieving record profits while workers struggle with an inflation-hit economy.

In the last month alone, there have been 2k articles written mentioning profiteering or record profits amidst inflation, and these have garnered more than a quarter of a million engagements.

interest to companies

This has been driven by a number of factors within news media and social media. One of those is that politicians have begun to accuse corporations of it, with both Bernie SandersAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and even Joe Biden speaking publicly about it, with coverage receiving tens of thousands of engagements.

Apr 19th: The biggest crises of Q1 2022

Every three months, we look back at the previous quarter to examine the various communication crises that brands have had to navigate, and this report contains our analysis of Q1 of 2022.

The report includes product recalls, workplace issues, and individual crises including the likes of Hyundai, Starbucks, and the infamous Oscars slap. 

chart showing individuals

What you’ll learn in our analysis: 

  • The most engaged crises, and how they captured the public interest 
  • How many articles were written about each crisis
  • The timing and impact of various product recalls in Q1 2022
  • How labor issues were reported in the press and received by the public

You can view the interactive version of the report here

Apr 20th: How comms teams can stay ahead with prediction

In the first blog of our series that uses Home Depot as a guide for how brands can utilize NewsWhip Spike, we demonstrated how to monitor earned media about your brand in real time.

Now, in our latest blog, we’ll dive deeper into NewsWhip’s public engagement prediction feature, revealing how you can identify a potential crisis or spot a brand opportunity. 

chart showing alerts

Using examples such as the comments of a co-founder and an employee post on TikTok, we’ll look at how predictive features could help in each situation, as shown in the example above.

Apr 21st: A bad week for Netflix

On Tuesday, after trading hours, Netflix announced that it had lost subscribers for the first time, leading to its stock price crashing by about a third.

Unsurprisingly, the amount of media and public interest was inversely proportional to the stock price, with both shooting up around the earnings call, with 17k articles and 2.4 million engagements.

interest to Netflix's week

Elon Musk’s comments about Netflix being ‘too woke’ was the most engaged article, and some conservative sites took delight in the company’s failure on a similar basis.

Other articles focused on password sharing being rampant, and suggested a crackdown was coming on that, or that ads might be introduced to the platform to stem losses.

Apr 22nd: Elon Musk secures funding for Twitter buy

As Elon Musk’s quest for Twitter continues to progress, the billionaire announced he has secured the $46 billion needed to make an official offer to buy the platform. 

A document filed with the SEC revealed that over half the funding will come from debt commitments from banks, and the other $21 billion will be his personal contribution. 

The publisher who drove the largest amount of engagement was The Western Journal, with over 124k. It is still unclear when, or how, Twitter will respond to Musk’s offer.

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