2022 crisis & reputation study: Real problems, real-time solutions

March 14, 2022

Written by Haley Corzo

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our ebook, co-produced with PR Week. The report asked in-house comms professionals about the unique challenges they are facing in 2022, ranging from reputation management, to real-time monitoring, to the looming threat of misinformation for brands.

Below you’ll find a summary of some of the key findings of the report.

Reputation reclaimed

The last decade has brought unprecedented changes to the media and communications landscape — with new platforms and channels popping up at lightning speed — making the ability to understand and quantify the news in real time more challenging than ever before.

When it comes to managing a crisis or identifying a brand opportunity, communicators need to be armed with the tools and tactics designed to aid them, not slow them down. We partnered with PRWeek and surveyed over 150 comms professionals to understand the challenges they face within the broader landscape. 

In the survey, we asked about internal versus external factors when it comes to reputation, about the importance of speed to manage crises and capitalize on opportunities, and about whether they see misinformation as an existential threat when it comes to managing a brand’s reputation. Here were some of the key findings. 

Standout stats:


stat about reputation

When presented with myriad factors and asked to select the ones that expose their brand’s reputation the most, “labor/employee relations” scored notably high.

stat about media monitoring
There’s no substitute for using the right tools to monitor digital platforms for signals that a threat to your brand’s reputation is lurking.
stat about monitoring tools
Among the most commonly cited frustrations highlighted about existing media-monitoring products was the fact they “only look at what happened in the past (and not what might happen in the future)”, which scored highly among several options.
stat about misinformation

With each passing day, combating misinformation climbs even higher on the list of comms pros’ priorities.

stat about C-suite

We learned a lot ourselves from this survey, and we hope that the information within it provides communicators with the knowledge they need to successfully navigate the potential pitfalls and opportunities of 2022.

Download the free ebook here to hear from more comms leaders.

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