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January 27, 2022

Written by NewsWhip
To help you keep your entire team up to date with insights from NewsWhip Spike Alerts, we have introduced the ability to add up to 10 of your teammates email addresses to any of your email alerts in NewsWhip Spike.

As we see the role of communications expand across global brands, we’re also seeing the need to quickly get information to stakeholders that aren’t always in NewsWhip Spike. NewsWhip Alerts can help you with this, and you can learn more about how they work here.

This new feature will take a lot of the effort out of keeping your team up to date, so you can set your alerts up once in Spike and let your alerts do the work for you in keeping your team up to date with emails direct to their inbox. This is going to help you to:


  • Reduce the time it takes your team to discover breaking stories & trends
  • Have confidence that your searches are keeping your team fully up to date
  • Ensure cover for every keyword & brand when team members are on leave
  • Bring public engagement data to stakeholders that don’t use Spike
  • Round up important articles for all stakeholders at regular intervals

Adding teammates to alerts

To get started, you can update any existing email alert and add up to 10 email addresses to the recipient list.

If you’re new to alerts, our alerts guide in the help centre can guide you through setting up your first alerts on NewsWhip Spike.

Image of Top Communities leaderboard
When you’re adding a new recipient, you can also add context on why you’ve added the recipient so they’re aware of why they’re receiving these alerts.
Expanded Timelines Widget
If your alert is for a temporary crisis or trend, then recipients will also have the option to opt-out of any future alerts.
Expanded Timelines Widget

Visual improvements to alerts

On top of allowing you to add more email addresses to alerts, we have also updated the design of some of our email alerts to make it easier for you to gather insights from each alert as quickly as possible.

Ready to get started?

If you’d like help adding your teammates to your alerts, you can email your Customer Success Manager by clicking here.

See NewsWhip Alerts in action


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