Halloween candy trends to watch for fall 2021

September 22, 2021

Written by Haley Corzo

The seasons are changing and the holidays are fast approaching, with Halloween now just around the corner. Every year the obsession around Halloween seems to grow, and in 2021 our research showed that media coverage of the holiday began as early as July.

In fact, Halloween has become so popular that it’s now the second largest commercial holiday after Christmas in the US. As a result, food and beverage brands have the chance to win over consumers with limited edition treats. 

This year we did a deep dive into the types of candy and treats that are trending for the Halloween season. We looked at which brands are receiving the most attention for their Halloween themed candy, how Disney Parks are transforming their menu for the holiday, and other candy trends that are sparking interest.

Brands release new Halloween candy and bring back old favorites

Chart showing the top stories about brands and halloween themed candy

To prepare for all the trick-or-treaters this fall, candy brands are starting to roll out new flavors and make sure that old favorites return to the shelves. Skittles debuted the new Skittles Shriekers, which features five sour flavors designed to pack a punch. MovieWeb’s article about them has received nearly 5k engagements, which was one of the most engaged articles. 

Other brands such as Red Vines, Minions, and Nerds have also unveiled new products, all involving candy corn. Although many people love to hate Candy Corn, the classic Halloween treat is trending among brands this season. Totally The Bomb, a popular blog for recipe goers, had more than 9k engagements on its article about the new candy corn flavored Red Vines. Foodbeast wrote about Minions and Nerds’ new treats, which don’t actually taste like candy corn. The article received over 2.2k engagements. 

The biggest piece of content about a brand was Totally The Bomb’s article about Sour Patch Kids Zombie candy returning to stores. The article, which brought in over 11k engagements mostly from Facebook interactions, noted that the item is not on the shelves for long by design. 

In contrast to all the candy stories, the tenth-placed article was about Hidden Valley urging people to hand out packets of ranch to trick-or-treaters. Even though Hidden Valley is obviously not a candy brand, the company’s humorous approach to celebrating Halloween resonated with consumers, earning it more than 1,300 engagements. 

Disneyland chefs create new treats for Halloween 

For those who frequent Disney Parks, the food can be one of the best parts of the experience. Halloween season is no different, and this year Disneyland chefs and confectioners have found creative ways to use candy in their menus. 

On September 2nd the Disney Parks blog published a Food Guide to Halloween Time 2021 at Disneyland Resort. The guide is an informative list of all the restaurants at the park and the different treats available at each. At Candy Palace visitors can try Mummy Marshmallow Wands, Jack Skeleton Cake Pops, and a Spider Web Crispy. The blog has received over 3.6k engagements so far. 

Additionally, Disneyland also took to Instagram to promote the park’s Halloween treats. The post saw high engagement, totalling 143k. Although there were many likes, the comment section included conversations about people wanting vegan and gluten free options as well. Overall, the reaction was positive when it came to the images shared.

Other noteworthy Halloween candy trends

We’ve already noted that candy corn has made an impact in the Halloween world this year, and it’s not done yet. Brach, the creator of Candy Corn, has released a seasonal mix that includes new flavors such as turkey dinner, apple pie, and coffee. Comicbook’s article about the new varieties had 1.2k engagements. It’s unclear if trick-or-treaters will be excited to find these flavors in their pumpkin baskets, but the brand’s popularity is high nonetheless.

Lastly, another trend we’ve spotted this Halloween that goes beyond candy is the charcuterie boards. From pumpkins to skeletons, the platters traditionally used for hosting are transitioning towards the October holiday for many, having become a viral sensation last year with charcuterie chalets

With Halloween trending earlier each year, new types of candy and treats are bound to keep developing if brands and places like Disneyland want to keep the public interested in what they have to offer. 

If you’re interested in what flavors are trending this year, you can read our latest flavors report here.

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