As we close out 2019, we wanted to take a look at what trends are going to be a focus for content strategists in 2020. Through our work with agencies, brands, and news organizations, we’ve identified five key things that will help lay the groundwork for a great year.

1. Content as a priority, not a one-off campaign.

While there have always been great campaigns by large brands focused on producing content that will draw attention or bring in new audiences, unless there’s a clear direction for how other content fits into the larger picture, the pay-off isn’t immediately clear. Content strategy is a long-term investment, with each part adding to a collective that lends credibility to your work. Taking stock of what worked and what didn’t in 2019 will help set goals for both campaigns and the larger strategy as a whole.

2. Re-evaluate which channels you’re presenting your content on.

Not getting any engagement on Facebook? Is every tweet met with crickets? It’s time to narrow your focus and go where your audience is. There’s no need to abandon all platforms that aren’t getting the kind of engagement you’re looking for, but utilizing your team’s strengths instead of wasting hours working on something that won’t be seen is a much better use of time.

3, Understand how your content could be more authentic.

We’ve talked about authenticity a lot this year, and when it comes to producing content to highlight your business, the same rules apply. What does your company value? How can you speak credibly about those topics? What problems are you trying to solve for your audience? Thinking about these questions and slightly adjusting content to address them instead of just creating content for content’s sake can help new prospects understand more about your company

4. Prioritize quality over quantity.

There’s a temptation to consistently put out a lot of content to drive your target audience through the funnel, but heading into the new year, understanding what’s actually resonating not only saves time for content creators, but allows for a larger experimentation into other mediums. When there is more time to produce thoughtful campaigns, their effects are far-reaching and can drive the type of engagement you’re hoping for.

5. Embrace new technologies.

Finally, as we head into a new decade, the need for more data-informed decision making has never been clearer. Utilizing tools available to empower your content strategy is the future of marketing and what better way to kick off the decade than implementing new technology with the ability to monitor industry trends and even predict which stories will take off? Tools like NewsWhip has helped many companies refine exactly what content works for their audience, allowing them to be a forward-looking team, with the right information to support their assumptions.

If you’d like to stay ahead of trends in 2020 take a look at NewsWhip Analytics.

Katherine Ellis

Katherine is a Content Strategist for NewsWhip working at the confluence of journalism and marketing.